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Fave Friday – Teenage Crushes

May 14, 2010

Playboy Magazine in 3DSo supposedly, some magazine by the name of “Playboy” is jumping on the 3D bandwagon and coming out with a 3D edition of its own some time today. Playboy? I’ve never heard of it. What’s it all about? *grin*

In honor of this magazine I’ve never heard of, I was gonna ask you guys for your fave mags of all time, but we kinda-sorta did that one already. So instead, let’s focus on what every snotty-nosed teenager does what he reads this type of magazine: falls in love. In this case, it’s with Hope Dworaczyk.

Crushes. We’ve all had ’em. Not with Playboy models per se, but growing up with our raging hormones (yeah, I’m talking to you ladies too! 😛 ), we’ve all secretly (or not so secretly) had our eye on that cute girl/guy in our 5th period history class. (Dear lord, I’m dating myself!) Or perhaps we fell in love with that kid actor on the cover of Tiger Beat magazine, or that cool singer on MTV.


Just share your list and share your list good with the rest of the WWE `ohana. We promise not to judge… much! 8)

In no particular order, here are some of mine that I can remember, off the top of my head…

* Alicia Silverstonewhat ever happened to her anyway? Guess this site answers our questions.
* Patricia FordI was actually almost signed on to help her do her official web site, but things kinda fell through. That might’ve been fun eh?
* Pamela Anderson (NSFW) – at least until she got all crazy. Hehe!
* Danica McKellar“Wonder Years”! I always wanted to be “Kevin”! She’s actually a math nerd now!
* Christina ApplegateDem years on “Married with Children”… ’nuff said!
* Girl in my 7th grade math class! – Shhh! LOL!
* Girl in my college history class! – too bad she didn’t know I existed! LOL!

I know, lots yeah!? Da worst part is I know I’m missing some. Bahahaha! Nah, not dat bad… I think!

BTW, do you guys know what a “unicorn” is? My co-worker says that a “unicorn” is someone that you’ll always have feelings for, no matter how long it has been. Is it true that we all have that one “unicorn” in life???

Talk to me!
* What are your thoughts of Playboy Magazine going 3D?
* Post your list of crushes (during your teenage years) in the comment area below! Can be celebs or peeps you know IRL.
* What do you think of the “unicorn” theory? Do you have your own unicorn?

Hijack This!
* Surprised that Cleveland lost to Boston yesterday? What do you think of Bron Bron’s future in Cleveland? How do you think Boston stacks up against my boys in blue (Orlando)?
* Thoughts on Michael Lynche’s departure from American Idol? Think he has a future in music?
* Big weekend planned?

Have a happy VH07v Friday (and weekend) y’all! Shooooooots! 🙂


Guest Bloggin’ Recap

March 26, 2010

I’ll make this one short and Ed sweet since many of y’all may have the day off today (Prince Jonah Kuhio Day)…

If you could please help me give a virtual round of applause to the guest bloggers who held it down for the last two weeks: Chicken Grease, kuya.d, JMAW, frankie, kako mochi, tweetpeep22, S-Ticket, tita leerz, skycastles, hemajang, and uncle jimmy. I think they did a killah job and am greatly appreciative of them taking the time to help entertain our WWE `ohana.

Please also give yourselves a hand for your active participation in the discussions. It truly helped to excite and inspire our guest bloggers and I’m sure they’re very thankful for it (trust, I know exactly how they feel when the comments start rollin’ in!). 🙂

Anyway, have a great Friday and weekend and I’ll see you back on Monday k? Back in full force yo… Well, at least after I dig my way out of the mountain of email that I know is waiting for me… 😉


In case ya missed it…

The Guest Blog Schedule:

Didja have a favorite? 8)

Name Game

February 5, 2010

Ho, planny action on Wednesday’s blog yeah? Much love for playing along y’all! You da bes! 🙂

We gots another little game to pass your time today. Let’s see far we can get!

So the other morning I was listening to Rory Wild, Greg Hammer and Crystal Akana on the radio and they were playing their popular name game. You know the one where the first playa names a famous person and the next playa has to use a part of that name to state a new name of another famous person? For example:

* Michael Jackson
* Jackson Browne (uses “Jackson” from Michael Jackson)
* Brownstone (uses “Brown” from Jackson Browne)
* Joss Stone (uses “Stone” from Brownstone)

Not sure if any of the oddah bloggers did this already, but I thought it might be fun for us to try today. So waddaya say? Like try? If it gets stuck on someone too long, feel free to start fresh with a new name to keep the puppy goin’… I’ll start with a common one that has two first names to make um easier. 🙂

* “Bob Dylan”


P.S. Happy VHO7V Friday! 🙂

Pants On the Ground

January 15, 2010

The real title was actually “Fave Friday: Comedians” for dis one, but I just had to… 😉 (see bottom if you have no idea what I’m talking about).

In Wednesday’s blog, some of you peeps started talking about old school joints like Gems or Holiday Mart/Daiei, etc., and it made me want to blog about it. Unfortunately, I beat myself to the punch. LOL! Shmall kine forgot that I already did um befo’! *blush*

Instead, let’s do a somewhat newsworthy one. Comic legend Bill Cosby is in town for a couple of shows this weekend. Is he one of your faves? Let’s list ours up. Hurr’s mine:

* Jim Gaffigan – my all time favorite! Wifey bought us tickets when he came to town. HILARIOUS! He also seemed like a nice guy too when we met him to take photos after the show.
* Dave Chappelle – a close second! I would sooooo go watch him if he came here. I’m proud to say that I was his fan way before he blew up. 8)
* Ellen DeGeneres – smart, witty, and most importantly funny! Seems genuine too! Loves it!
* Chris Rock – edgy, funny, a little racist though. LOL! Love his comedy specials!
* Martin Lawrence – ditto the above. Wonder what he’s up to these days. Mah-innnn!
* Dane Cook – used to be one of my fave plays on my iPod. Popularity seems to have majorly plummeted(?)…
* Brian Regan – old school comic that used to make me laugh on Letterman.
* Paula Poundstone – another old school comic. Actually dragged some friends to go watch her when she was doing a show at Pipeline. LOL!

A shout out to our local comics too:

* Rap ReiplingerAuntie Marialani’s Cooking Show is an all-time classic!
* Andy Bumatai – All In the `Ohana still makes me crack up!!!
* Paul Ogata – my fellow Asian brutha!
* Frank DeLima – da originato!
* Augie T – nu skool (kinda)!
* Bu La`ia – wea he stay?
* Mel Cabang – old school, but still funny.

Need help? Check out this list from Wikipedia.

Tanioaka’s Interview
On a side note, I’m scheduled to meet with the good folks at Tanioka’s on Monday for a short interview for Part II of my up-coming “Poke Paradise” article (read Part I here). If you have any questions you’d like me to ask, lemme know! Also, if you have any suggestions on what poke you think I should try from there, let me know too!

Talk to me!
* Post your fave comic(s) below.
* Please help me congradumalate my sis for her good play at the Sony Open Pro-Am da odda day. She played with David Toms, and, from what she tells me, he’s a real southern gentleman type. Gotta love those celebs/athletes who keeps it real! Goooo David! (Read her blog about it here.)
* Again, if ya gots any questions you’d like me to ask to the Taniokas, holla!
* Any American Idol chatter out dea? I really liked Jermaine Sellers (for his voice), Skiibo Ski (for his personality), and most importantly, General Larry Platt (for his lyrical geniusness!).

Shoots! Have a great weekend y’all! See ya on the flipside!

Flashback Friday: Holiday Memories

December 18, 2009

A-ight peeps, as the end of December quickly approaches, I, like the rest of y’all, will be taking a little break for the holidays. Let’s face it… many of you are probably not reading during this time anyway. 😛

But before that, I wanted to take the time to thank all of you wonderful readers for supporting WWE these last few years (can you believe April 28, 2010 makes 2 years!?). It’s been fun and it seems like we’ve been through a lot together, even though many of us have never met IRL. Gotta love the power of the Internet eh?

I’ve had the pleasure of playing fantasy football with some of you, and have even met a few others in person. Speaking of which, much love to bruddahs hemajang and MakiSushi for their gifts of T-shirts, and bruddah bB for his furikake and stone cookie omiyage (brok’ da mout’ literally!) from the B.I.! Hopefully, I was able to repay the favor to some of you with my movie pass and UH basketball ticket giveaways, local reviews/articles/interviews, and overall silliness of this blog. Hope it helped to play at least a small role in your otherwise busy lives.

Your Fave Holiday Memories?

K, let’s do a quick Flashback Friday kine moment hurr:

* Since the holidays are a special time we share with our loved ones, let’s use this moment to share with each other, our favorite holiday memory/mammaries. 8). Use the comment box below to share with da WWE `ohana. Yes, sorry, that was a lot of “share”s. 😛

For me, I think the most recent memory was making mochi at grandma’s house last year. As Japanee as I am, that was the first time I ever did that. Fun fun!

Food, Family and Fun: The True Meaning of the Holidays
Food, Family and Fun: The True Meaning of the Holidays

P.S. I won’t completely disappear from your life though! Shucks huh? 😛  I’ve been getting a few Christmas/holiday related forwards lately, so I may be posting those from time to time, to pass your time (to time). 😉 Don’t want ya to forget about WWE after all! 😛

Have a safe and happy holiday season gang! See y’all next year! *wave* 🙂

Guest Blog: Cine-ma-tic Per-spec-tive [uncle jimmy]

June 12, 2009

As I’m currently in da B.I. as you read this, our beloved uncle jimmy has graciously accepted the treacherous task of guest blogging today. Mahalos ah ooj! And in true uncle jimmy fashion, he has named this one with his own, unique language: Personal Pers-pec-tive… a movie survey of sorts… Please send your WWE love and leave your feedback for him below. Shoots!

What was the first movie(s) that you remember seeing as a young kid?
What movies do you remember seeing in high school? Did you go drive-ins?
What movies do you watch whenever they show up on TV?
Is there a movie that always makes you laugh? Cry?
What’s your fave movie of all time? Why?
Do you have a fave scene or quote from that movie?

Here’s mine!

What was the first movie(s) that you remember seeing as a young kid?
– Probably Jaws!

What movies do you remember seeing in high school? Did you go drive-ins?
– Mo’ Money, White Men Can’t Jump and Wayne’s World. And drive-ins? What’s dat? 😛

What movies do you watch whenever they show up on TV?
– Any of the Austin Powers movies. Mrs. Doubtfire is another good one. LOL!

Is there a movie that always makes you laugh? Cry?
– Laugh: Harold and Kumar or anything with Will Ferrell. Cry = LOL!

What’s your fave movie of all time? Why?
– Hmm… that’s a tough question. Gotta go look at my DVD collection. Rudy is the only one that pops in my head right now. Hehe!

Do you have a fave scene or quote from that movie?
– Not really, but I have fave quotes from other movies that can’t be repeated here. Ahahaha!

Mahaloz Ooj!

So how about it? Show uncle jimmy your love!

Flashback Friday: Finish This Song – May 8, 2009

May 8, 2009

K, it’s been a couple months since we had a Flashback (Kanak) Attack Friday. What better way to send us into the VHO7V Friday weekend right? Right.

Y’all know the rules. I get this (lyrical) party started (RIGHT!) and you join on in until we finish the song. Getum? Coo! Let’s do this!

Who take my lady from the tropical island?…

Ahahahaha! Oh yeah! I went there! Nevah thought you’d hear that one today did ya? 8)

Talk to me!
* Post your comment below with the next line to this old school jam.
* Add any stories or memories (including your skankin’ days! 😛 ) you have when you hear this song.
* Feedback about the artist? Add those too k?

Happy VHO7V and Flashback Friday! Have an awesome weekend and happy momma’s day y’all! Shoooooots!

Flashback Friday: Sayings

April 17, 2009

This one is inspired by the hilarious comments many of you leave at the bottom on these blogs. Mad props!

Several weeks ago, uji busted out “Yes No Maybe so” and I just had to crack up.

I don’t know about you, but these sayings from yesteryear make me all misty-eyed nostalgic and think back to a time of carefree living. No work, no life pressures, just fun times, naw-mean? Good kine times when the only pressure you had was figuring out who you were going to bless who you were going beg to go with you to the prom. 😛

What’s even cooler is that we in Hawaii have this unique culture that makes our words, language and sayings very colloquial in nature. We’ve got sayings that only we know and can relate to. Yeah?

So hurr’s the dealio. Post one local kine saying, with your best interpretation of the definition or usage during your hanabattah days. Include a funny story if you like. Sayings like: No Ack, Like Beef, Handles Randall, Make A, She go, etc., you know. Need help, check For bonus points, if you have more then one, post them separately to artificially boost the comment count. LOL! I’ll go first.

* Make A – Embarrassing, make a fool of one’s self. Make @$$. Usually used in my days to refer to a dude “making A” in front of a girl.

K, your turn… brah!

Talk to me!
* Post your favorite saying(s) below.
* Post your least favorite saying(s) below.
* WWE is turning 1 later this month! Any suggestions on what to write about that day? 🙂
* Don’t forget to have a Happy Aloha VH07V Friday today and fun weekend y’all!

Prom Songs

April 10, 2009

Since I’m off being unproductive today 😛 , hurr’s a combo Fave 5 / Flashback Friday post from our beloved kuya.d. Show him some love y’all!


Chee-hoo! And aloha WWE ‘ohana! I’m not sure if Ed made a good decision, but you lucky buggahs (or poor things) have me, kuya.d, sitting in for the vacay man today. Thanks for the honor Bruddah Ed!

So let’s jump in the ole way-back machine, and give a nod to prom. Yeah, it’s prom season, so let’s do it this way: list your Fave 5 songs from your prom days (fast songs, love songs, any song that takes you back!).

And I’ll also start us off on our favorite “name that tune” sing-along. So join in!

I know today’s Good Friday so I do wish you all a nice one. Some of you don’t have work, but I’m still hoping for some responses since some folks still have to represent on the time clock.

My prom songs Fave 5:
1) “Lost in Love” – New Edition (they were my favorite group until Boyz II Men came out).
2) “About You” – C&K (even the kids now listen to this song, true island classic).
3) “The Search is Over” – Survivor (didn’t I hear this on Idol the other nite?).
4) “Supersonic” – JJ Fadd (this or rock, rock Planet Rock, or give-give-give Give it All You Got).
5) “I Would Die 4 You” – Prince (go ahead, throw in that Purple Rain DVD, I know ya wanna).

. . . I’ve been waiting for so long, now I finally found someone to stand by me . . . (continue on from here folks)!

By the way, Have a blessed Easter! And Ed will be back Monday, mucho mahalos!

Flashback Friday: Finish This Song – March 27, 2009

March 27, 2009

Not sure how many of you peeps are still in vacation/Spring Break mode, but let’s give another old school song a whirl shall we? Hopefully thurr’s enough of us around to finish the song. 8)

I learned my lesson from last week though. Picking a short song with not too many words/lyrics quickly ends our fun. So you know what I did this time around? I picked a rap song. OH YEAH! Get CHOKE words now! Smahtchyea?

Anyway, you know the dealio. Hurrrr we go!

My my my my music hits me so hard, makes me say oh my lord…

Know um? Well, don’t just sit there. Regulate Appreciate Participate. 🙂

Talk to me!
* Post your comment below with the next line to this old school jam.
* Add any stories or memories you have when you hear this song.
* Feedback about the artist? Add those too k?

Happy Aloha and Flashback Friday! Have an awesome weekend y’all! Shoooooots!