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AAJA-Hawaii 2006 Media Basketball League – Scores (Playoffs)

July 30, 2006

July 30, 2006

First Round:
Star-Bulletin (44) vs. KGMB (35)
(Top Scorers: SB – Billy Hull 12; KGMB – Mike Cherry 14)

KHNL (40) vs. KITV (37)
(Top Scorers: KHNL – Deryl Seino 17; KITV – Dan Churma 13, Joe Udell 13)

Quarter Finals:
KHON (39) vs. Star-Bulletin (28)
(Top Scorers: KHON – Kanoa Leahey 17; SB – Dave Guerrero 15)

Oceanic (52) vs. KHNL (16)
(Top Scorers: Oceanic – Neal Matsumoto 20, Ed Sugimoto 13)

UH Media Relations (41) vs. Advertiser (31) – OT
(Top Scorers: UH – Brent Inouye 10; Advertiser – Abe Kamana’o 13, Chris Simpson 13)

Midweek 2 (42) vs. Midweek 1 (40)
(Top Scorers: MW2 – Matthew Pimental 11; MW1 – Joe Sanchez 11)


AAJA-Hawaii 2006 Media Basketball League – Scores (Week 9)

July 23, 2006

July 23
KGMB (44) vs. Honolulu Star-Bulletin (50)
Oceanic (57) vs. MidWeek 1 (50)
KHON (39) vs. UH Media Relations (36)
KITV (49) vs. MidWeek 2 (56)
KHNL (36) vs. Honolulu Advertiser (56)

Top scorers (July 23):
Oceanic – Neal Matsumoto (24 points)
Star-Bulletin – Billy Hull (11 points)
MidWeek 1 – Joe Sanchez (15 points)
Honolulu Advertiser – Dave Dondoneau (21 points)
KGMB – Chris Archer (15 points)
KHON – Kanoa Leahey (25 points)
KITV – Dan Churma (23 points)
KHNL – Deryl Seino (13 points)
MidWeek 2 – Matt Pimental (20 points)
UH Media Relations – Josh Benton (8 points)

1. Oceanic (9-0)
2. KHON (7-2)
3. Honolulu Advertiser (6-3)
4. MidWeek 1 (6-3)
5. MidWeek 2 (6-3)
6. UH Media Relations (4-5)
7. Star-Bulletin (4-5)
8. KITV (2-7)
9. KHNL (1-8)
10. KGMB (0-9)

Weekend Festivities

July 18, 2006

So I had quite the eventful weekend this past weekend… On Friday, Benji planned an Oxtail Soup run at Kam Bowl (Kamehameha Bowl for you politically correct peeps) to be followed by bowling. Unfortunately, they had leagues running all night so the plan changed to eating the famous soup and then jetting over to Aiea Bowl to get our bowl on there.

The Oxtail Soup was yum as usual, but since I still didn’t send my camera in to get fixed yet (for all you Canon owners who have the black screen issue otherwise known as the CCD Image Sensor Advisory, click here for information on how to get it fixed for free!), I couldn’t take my usual barrage of food pics. Luckily for me, Noelle had her Sony camera handy so I borrowed it to take some yummy shots. As soon as she sends them to me, I’ll post them here and perhaps pen a special column on Kam Bowl’s famous Oxtail Soup.

Oxtail Soup from Kam Bowl
Click here for Photos

(as you can see, Noelle sent over the pics)

After eating, we drove over to Aiea Bowl to put our name on the waiting list. A little tip for you if you plan on bowling there… GET THERE EARLY! I believe they open to the public at 10PM. We got there a few minutes after 10 and found ourselves like 20th on the list! After waiting for two hours, we were tired so we bailed.

The next morning we had a YBA League game against Shock N’ Awe, which we won 53-46. Then, that afternoon, I had to head over to Bishop Museum to help prepare for Romeo and Jocelyn’s wedding. Getting together with the boys is always a hilarious good time. A wedding party with Tommy, Dics and Glenn as well as Randy and David? Hilarious! Coincidentally, Mark from Shock N’ Awe, the team we played earlier that day, was invited to the very same wedding. He works with Nicole, my wedding partner partner for the day. Small world!

On Sunday, I went 5-5 with a homerun in our Kailua softball game vs. St. Christopher. Finally broke out of my offensive slump! Then, at 7:30 that night, we faced last place KGMB for a very non first place vs. last place looking game! They were up and on it and gave us hard rubs. In the end, we came through and took care of bidness though! I think I had about 15.

Last night, I went over to Tommy’s to hang out before he heads back to Diego. I picked up 3 Chicken Cake Noodle plate lunches from the Waipio L&Ls for Tom, Glenn and myself. Then, when I was at the window, Dics calls in his order. Unfortunately, it was a tad late, so I swung by Jack in the Box next door and picked up a Jumbo Jack combo for him. It was like no time had passed… Made me reminisce the old days when I used to live on the Wes’Side and we used to all hang out all the time! Fun times!

Apologies if the grammar and probably spelling is whack. I’m kinda rushing (so I can get outta here) and also still trying to figure out how I’m going to use this blog thing. Am I going to document each and every little event in my life (which I think will bore everyone) or will I just make quality posts at random intervals? Should I just re-publish what I do for other sites/media or start a regular column all its own? Lots to think about, but so far customizing this blogging software to do what I want is pretty fun. I think I won’t really start to figure things out until I start getting visitors though. For now, this is my own little sanctuary where random thoughts, photos and whathaveyou are posted and read by myself and perhaps one or two other friends. Fun times! LOL!

No worries, it’ll get better. I promise…

AAJA-Hawaii 2006 Media Basketball League – Scores (Week 8)

July 16, 2006

July 16
KITV (37) vs. Honolulu Star-Bulletin (44)
UH Media Relations (40) vs. Honolulu Advertiser (45)
KGMB (39) vs. Oceanic (47)
KHNL (24) vs. MidWeek 2 (30)
KHON (46) vs. MidWeek 1 (29)

Top scorers (July 16):
Oceanic – Ed Sugimoto (17 points)
Star-Bulletin – David Guerrero (11 points)
MidWeek 1 – Chris (13 points)
Honolulu Advertiser – Chris Simpson (14 points)
KGMB – Brad Erber (22 points)
KHON – Kanoa Leahey (24 points)
KITV – Joe Udell (18 points)
KHNL – Deryl Seino (14 points)
MidWeek 2 – Gerald Santos (7 points)
UH Media Relations – Brent Inouye (22 points)

Oceanic (8-0)
KHON (6-2)
MidWeek 1 (6-2)
Honolulu Advertiser (5-3)
MidWeek 2 (5-3)
UH Media Relations (4-4)
Star-Bulletin (3-5)
KITV (2-6)
KHNL (1-7)
KGMB (0-8)

UFC 61

July 10, 2006

So on Saturday, July 8, 2006, a bunch of us decided to head on over to Skybox Sports Lounge to catch the much anticipated UFC 61 fight, featuring the 3rd Tim Sylvia / Andrei Arlovski and 2nd Tito Ortiz / Ken Shamrock matchups.

I had a bball league game earlier that day at noon, where we lost another heartbreaker at the buzzer to TC Brigade. As soon as it finished, I took a shower and we were off to Skybox. Jon, who works there, was gonna hook us up, but needed 10 or more to save a table. The idea was that we would arrive super early (before anyone else) to save a table.

Since the parking is kinda bad around that area, we decided to find street parking near Blockbuster and Don Quijote (formerly Daiei, formerly Holiday Mart, formerly _fill in the blank_, etc.). On Saturdays, parking is for 2 hours max until 6PM. Since we were so excitable and there at like 2:30PM, I could only fill up the mater until 4:30, which meant I would have to miss part of the fight to come back and fill it up! D’oh! In any case, we did it and walked over to grab our seats.

When we got to the door, it was closed! We were too early! Haha! So to kill time, we went to the semi-recently opened Baboo Sky¬†right there. After a few minutes, we went back and the door was open! Woo hoo! We’re in! So we meet Jon and he sets us up near the big screen. Much love Jon!

Soon thereafter, Dave shows up and we order up some of their yummy grub! Steak Fries, Fried Rice, Garlic Chicken, Chopped Steak… MMMM! By this time, it’s past 3:05 and I realize that the fights aren’t gonna start until 4:05! Double D’oh! It was sorta good and bad though… Bad because we had to wait so long, but good because I had a little window of time to refill the meter and not miss any action.

Anyway, 4:05PM finally arrives and it is time! It was exciting, but some of the fights were pretty lame. I think the first televized fight was Joe “Daddy” Stevenson vs. Yves Edwards. The story behind this fight was that Daddy cut a lot of weight to fight in Edwards’ weight class, so he was supposed to have the upper hand. Though there were a few moments when Edwards flashed his lethal striking skills, Stevenson eventually imposed his will and made Edwards bleed beyond belief. The doctor stopped the fight due to a HUGE gash on Edwards’ head.

Next up was Frank Mir vs. Dan “The Sandman” Christison. This was the most boringest thing I’ve ever seen. I was semi-excited for this fight as I thought Mir would come back with a vengeance to prove that the fight against Marcio Cruz after his motorcycle accident was a fluke. I mean this was the same dude who whipped both Tank Abbott AND current champion Tim Sylvia in the first round! WTH!? He was now a fat slob going up against another fatty in Christison, former The Ultimate Fighter Season 2 replacement fighter. Both were slow and winded by the time the 1st round ended. I wish they didn’t show this fight and showed my man Jeff “The Snowman” Monson’s fight instead. Bruddah is a beast!

The next two fights were fairly exciting because I am a big Josh Burkman (“The People’s Warrior”) fan and I wanted to see Tito Ortiz (“Huntington Beach Bad Boy”) and Ken Shamrock (“The World’s Most Dangerous Man”) just kill each other. I love the way Burkman just comes in to work. Josh “The Dentist” Neer kept jawing and showboating, but Burkman didn’t say one thing and kept doing his thing. The Ortiz fight went just as I suspected, though I don’t agree with Herb Dean’s quick stoppage. He could’ve at least waited for a few more of Ortiz’s elbow in Shamrock’s face to stop it.

Then, the last fight, the one where I thought Arlovski would just come out firing, turned out to be a sleeper. The once undefeatable monster in Arlovski looked timid and scared and careful and boring. I never liked Sylvia and thought he was awkward and was a fluke champion, but I guess I gotta give him his props now. Nice job Maine-iac…

Anyway, I guess I should get to work now. Thanks for listening. Click below for some scenes from Skybox, including their ono kine grindz. Check them out one day… (1700 Kapiolani Boulevard, Honolulu, HI. 96814, 808-956-1600).

UFC 61 at Skybox Sports Lounge

4th of July, 2006 at Kaka`ako Waterfront Park

July 5, 2006

Yesterday, we had our annual 4th of July picnic and BBQ celebrations at Kaka`ako Waterfront Park. Click on the chicken below to check out the scenery…

4th of July BBQ at Kakaako Waterfront Park

In Twista’s Top Eight… Don’t Hate…

July 3, 2006

So I get this random message from this dude telling me that I’m in Twista’s Top 8 and so I check it out and whaddayaknow… I AM! LOL! Yeah, yeah, it’s only by default and nobody believes for a second that me and the world’s fastest rapper are homeys, but it is pretty cool, even if it may only be temporary. Watch, as soon as I post this blog, he (or whoever runs his page) will adjust his Top 8 and kick me to the curb. Luckily for you, I gots this screen cap. Muhahaha!

Twista's Top 8
Twista’s Top 8

P.S. Don’t forget to read my July column on RR. It’s on the Shave Ice hotspots around the state. Word.

P.P.S. Have a Happy 4th of July holiday tomorrow y’all!

AAJA-Hawaii 2006 Media Basketball League – Scores (Week 7)

July 2, 2006

July 2
Honolulu Advertiser (47) vs. MidWeek 2 (38)
KHON (39) vs. Oceanic (45)
Honolulu Star-Bulletin (42) vs. KHNL (19)
KITV (0) vs. MidWeek 1 (2) – FORFEIT
KGMB (32) vs. UH Media Relations (41)

Top scorers (July 2):
Oceanic – Ed Sugimoto (12 points)
Star-Bulletin – David (13 points)
MidWeek 1 – n/a
Honolulu Advertiser – Abe Kamanao (14 points)
KGMB – Brad Erber (16 points)
KHON – Kanoa Leahey (27 points)
KITV – n/a
KHNL – Kurt Weller (10 points)
MidWeek 2 – Gerald Santos (9 points)
UH Media Relations – Josh Benton (20 points)

Oceanic (7-0)
MidWeek 1 (6-1)
KHON (5-2)
Honolulu Advertiser (4-3)
MidWeek 2 (4-3)
UH Media Relations (4-3)
KITV (2-5)
Star-Bulletin (2-5)
KHNL (1-6)
KGMB (0-7)

Shave Ice Ice Baby

July 1, 2006

Something fishy is definitely going on here… The airports have been bustling with college folk and local eateries and nightclubs are a’ bumpin’. You’re no longer alone at the beaches and malls, and there’s an unusually large amount of parties and family functions to get to. And let’s not ignore the fact that you’re sweating profusely like Kalua pig at a luau. Yep gang… like Bell Biv Devoe’s Poison, Summer is in full effect!

So what should we do this summer as the sun torches down on us and parches our tender little, post-winter throats? Nothing. The weather hasn’t changed here in Hawaii since, like, forever silly.

But seriously… Let’s just say, you know, hypothetically, that we were coming out of one of our coldest “winters” ever. Brrrr… And this “Spring” thing also did a number on us. Wouldn’t we be looking forward to Mr. Sun showing his adorable face to us and defrosting our buns? Wouldn’t you be craving a refreshing, beverage-ish snack, that’s both an island favorite and a tourist attraction all the same?

Say no more. The Ed is here to help you.

Shave Ice, as it’s known here in the islands (not snow cones or shaved ice), is the perfect summertime treat to quench one’s thirst buds after a long, hot day in the sun. Yes, it is a bit clich√©, but you have to admit, gathering a bunch of friends to laugh and gossip and share small kid time stories, while lapping up this magical frozen water/syrup-py concoction is still good times.

One such place that specializes in this delicacy is the original Waiola Store, located on the corner of Pa`ani and, of course, Waiola.

Corner of Pa`ani and Waiola
Corner of Pa`ani and Waiola

Hidden on an inconspicuous road, and nestled in between homes in a quiet neighborhood, this island favorite sits peacefully on the corner, as sweets-seeking patrons stop by.

Waiola Store
Waiola Store

(! – Not to be confused with Waiola Bakery & Shave Ice, located on Kapahulu Avenue. For purposes of this review, I’ll be sticking to the O.G. – Original Gem – Waiola Store that got it all started)

Waiola Store actually started as a small convenience store, selling miscellaneous knickknacks like sodas, chips, crack seed and frozen goods many moons ago.

Inside Waiola Store
Inside Waiola Store

It wasn’t until they started gaining popularity as a shave ice selling hotspot that they really took off. Now, you can’t find a day when the crowd inside the store compares to the line outside near their specially created shave ice side window.

Shave Ice window at Waiola Store
Shave Ice window at Waiola Store

Waiola’s, as they are endearingly referred to as, is known for their finely shaved ice. You won’t find the rock-hard chunks of ice here. They also offer a vast menu selection with unique flavors and add-ons that you may not see at other shave ice specialty stores. Unique add-ons like mochi balls, li hing mui seeds, lilikoi cream and chocolate syrup.

Waiola Store's ecclectic menu
Waiola Store’s ecclectic menu

On this occasion, I didn’t get too complicated. I just ordered a small cup with mochi balls and condensed milk… strawberry flavor.

The famous Waiola shave ice
The famous Waiola shave ice

(! – That’s something I forgot to mention. If you’re new at this shave ice ordering thing, the flavor should be the least of your worries. To fit in like you’ve been doing this for years, be sure to order your size and add-ons first. This way, they can start preparing it for you. The flavored syrup is added last and, as such, you would order that last.)

Waiola Store
2135 Waiola Street
Honolulu, HI 96826 (map)
(808) 949-2269

Waiola Bakery & Shave Ice
525 Kapahulu Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96815 (map)
(808) 735-8886


The Island Snow store in Kailua serves up shave ice alongside of their collection of surf/snow/street apparel. It’s a popular stop for those going to one of the many beautiful beaches on the Windward side, Lanikai being my favorite.

Island Snow sign
Island Snow sign

In addition to being able to buy their name brand apparel at the same time as your treat, Island Snow has a few other unique features when it comes to their shave ice flavors. They have catchy names that turn ordinary-sounding flavors into exciting ones. Godzilla Grape, Kuulei Coconut, Da-Kine Lemon Lime and Kailua Coffee to name a few. They also set up their colorful collection of syrups above a lighted counter-top, much like you’d find your assortment of drinks at a fancy nightclub or contemporary bar.

Island Snow flavors
Island Snow flavors

This time, I ordered a regular with no ice cream… Pali Lilikoi & Wacky Watermelon combo. Pretty big eh?

Island Snow shave ice
Island Snow shave ice

(! – All shave ice treats from Island Snow include up to 3 flavors & a scoop of ice cream, unless you don’t want it.)

Island Snow – Kailua
Kailua Beach Center
130 Kailua Road
Kailua, HI 96734 (map)
(808) 263-6339


What’s a conversation about shave ice in Hawaii without mention of the world famous M. Matsumoto Grocery Store in Haleiwa town, otherwise known as Matsumoto’s Shave Ice?

M. Matsumoto Grocery Store sign
M. Matsumoto Grocery Store sign

Matsumoto’s has the richest history and gets the largest media coverage of any shave ice store in the state and perhaps the world. And though there are many naysayers who claim that Waiola’s or even Haleiwa neighbor Aoki’s is better, you can’t question Matsumoto’s popularity.

Like Waiola Store, Matsumoto’s started as (and continues to be) a convenience-type store. Though, these days, most of their products caters to the tourist and shave ice crowd (sun tan lotion, hats, logo apparel, beachwear, snacks, etc.).

The menu looks like the same one they’ve had since they opened, and the prices seemed to have stayed the same as well. Just $1.30 for a small! Over the years, they’ve attached little one-piecers as they’ve added new flavors like mango, lychee and melona. Funny, but cute. A reminder of the mom and pops feel still present here.

Matsumoto's menu
Matsumoto’s menu

The equipment they use looks quite heavy duty. Is that an industrial strength motor? Wowsers!

Matsumoto's shave ice machines
Matsumoto’s shave ice machines

The photo from my friend’s shave ice came out nicer, so we’ll show it instead of mine. She ordered a vanilla/cotton candy combo FYI.

Matsumoto's shave ice
Matsumoto’s shave ice

(! – Be careful of the killah bees when eating outside. They usually swarm around the trash can slurping on the sweet juices. I’ve never been stung, but you never know… Just be sure you’re not in the area when they are hungry!)

M. Matsumoto Grocery Store
66-087 Kamehameha Highway
Haleiwa, Hawaii 96712 (map)
(808) 637-4827


Other notable shave ice joints around the state:

Jo Jo’s Clubhouse – Waimea (Kauai)
On the way to or coming back from the long drive to/from Waimea Canyon, you’ll see the bright sign of Jo Jo’s from Kaumualii Highway.

Jo Jo's Clubhouse
Jo Jo’s Clubhouse

Jo Jo’s Clubhouse
Mile Marker 23, Kaumualii Highway (Hwy. 50)
Waimea, Hawaii 96796 (map)
(808) 635-7615


Itsu’s Fishing Supplies Inc. – Hilo (Big Island)
Known to the locals as “ice shave”, Itsu’s serves up this winner alongside of local style plate lunches, in addition to doubling as as a fishing supplies store.

Itsu's Fishing Supplies, Inc. (Photo by Nancy Vereze)
Itsu’s Fishing Supplies, Inc. (Photo by Nancy Vereze)

Itsu’s Fishing Supplies Inc.
810 Piilani Street
Hilo, HI. 96720 (map)
(808) 935-8082


Scandinavian Shaved Ice, Inc. – Kailua-Kona (Big Island)
Across from the Palace in town, this shaved ice has ice cream in the middle. (Mahalo for the info Wendy & Jay!)

Scandinavian Shaved Ice, Inc. (Photo courtesy
Scandinavian Shaved Ice, Inc. (Photo courtesy

Scandinavian Shaved Ice, Inc.
75-5699 Alii Drive
Kailua-Kona, HI. 96740 (map)
(808) 331-1626


Tasaka Guri Guri Shop – Maui Mall, Kahului (Maui)
Yeah, I know, this is not really shave ice, but we can’t pass up the chance to mention this famous sweet, sweet, juice, soda and condensed milk concoction can we???

Noelle, Kelvin, Hillary, myself, Grant and Shari outside of Tasaka Guri Guri
Noelle, Kelvin, Hillary, myself, Grant and Shari outside of Tasaka Guri Guri

Tasaka Guri Guri Shop
70 E Kaahumanu Avenue
Kahului, HI 96732 (map)
(808) 871-4513


I know I’ve missed tons of your favorites from around the state. I guess that’s what you get for keeping me cooped up all day here in Mililani. Sorry dudes and dudettes, but be sure to let me have it by posting your favorite shave ice (or any sweets) hotspot in the comments section below. Now stop reading this and get back out there and enjoy your summer won’tcha?