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Pants On the Ground

January 15, 2010

The real title was actually “Fave Friday: Comedians” for dis one, but I just had to… 😉 (see bottom if you have no idea what I’m talking about).

In Wednesday’s blog, some of you peeps started talking about old school joints like Gems or Holiday Mart/Daiei, etc., and it made me want to blog about it. Unfortunately, I beat myself to the punch. LOL! Shmall kine forgot that I already did um befo’! *blush*

Instead, let’s do a somewhat newsworthy one. Comic legend Bill Cosby is in town for a couple of shows this weekend. Is he one of your faves? Let’s list ours up. Hurr’s mine:

* Jim Gaffigan – my all time favorite! Wifey bought us tickets when he came to town. HILARIOUS! He also seemed like a nice guy too when we met him to take photos after the show.
* Dave Chappelle – a close second! I would sooooo go watch him if he came here. I’m proud to say that I was his fan way before he blew up. 8)
* Ellen DeGeneres – smart, witty, and most importantly funny! Seems genuine too! Loves it!
* Chris Rock – edgy, funny, a little racist though. LOL! Love his comedy specials!
* Martin Lawrence – ditto the above. Wonder what he’s up to these days. Mah-innnn!
* Dane Cook – used to be one of my fave plays on my iPod. Popularity seems to have majorly plummeted(?)…
* Brian Regan – old school comic that used to make me laugh on Letterman.
* Paula Poundstone – another old school comic. Actually dragged some friends to go watch her when she was doing a show at Pipeline. LOL!

A shout out to our local comics too:

* Rap ReiplingerAuntie Marialani’s Cooking Show is an all-time classic!
* Andy Bumatai – All In the `Ohana still makes me crack up!!!
* Paul Ogata – my fellow Asian brutha!
* Frank DeLima – da originato!
* Augie T – nu skool (kinda)!
* Bu La`ia – wea he stay?
* Mel Cabang – old school, but still funny.

Need help? Check out this list from Wikipedia.

Tanioaka’s Interview
On a side note, I’m scheduled to meet with the good folks at Tanioka’s on Monday for a short interview for Part II of my up-coming “Poke Paradise” article (read Part I here). If you have any questions you’d like me to ask, lemme know! Also, if you have any suggestions on what poke you think I should try from there, let me know too!

Talk to me!
* Post your fave comic(s) below.
* Please help me congradumalate my sis for her good play at the Sony Open Pro-Am da odda day. She played with David Toms, and, from what she tells me, he’s a real southern gentleman type. Gotta love those celebs/athletes who keeps it real! Goooo David! (Read her blog about it here.)
* Again, if ya gots any questions you’d like me to ask to the Taniokas, holla!
* Any American Idol chatter out dea? I really liked Jermaine Sellers (for his voice), Skiibo Ski (for his personality), and most importantly, General Larry Platt (for his lyrical geniusness!).

Shoots! Have a great weekend y’all! See ya on the flipside!