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Introducing VH07V… Hawaii’s Newest Clothing Line!

February 8, 2012

Sorry peeps. Nevah had time fo’ tally all da scores fo’ last week’s Where In Hawaii contest, but in the meantime, here’s the news that you’ve all (all three of you have) been waiting for…

Our VH07V clothing line is now a reality!!!

Yay! It’s been a long time coming, but I’m soooo stoked that the day is finally here… And the shirts came out pretty kick-butt too if you ask me! 8) Check um out go check um goooo!

VH07V T-Shirt (White on Blue)
VH07V T-Shirt (White on Blue)

VH07V T-Shirt (White on Black)
VH07V T-Shirt (White on Black)

VH07V T-Shirt (Light Green on Blue)
VH07V T-Shirt (Light Green on Blue)

VH07V T-Shirt (Light Blue on Black)
VH07V T-Shirt (Light Blue on Black)

Which is your favorite?
I personally like the Light Green on Blue action, but, although you can’t really tell from the picture, the Light Blue on Black is pretty sick too. But like I said, they all came out awesome!

Like Order?
I’m still in soft-launch mode, so I haven’t really told too many people. The online shop is not even ready yet. But if you no can wait, drop me a line at world.wide.ed (at)! I have sizes S-3XL in all styles and can do after (work) hour deliveries. 😉 There’s also a limited supply of Ls & XLs at Novel-T World at Ward Warehouse. (Mahalo to aunty Stephanie!) And yes, no worries, I still got shirts put aside for our FREE VH07V T-shirt Winners! 🙂

Let me know what you think!
I wanna hear from you! The term “VH07V” (spells “Aloha” upside down, but is pronounced “Volve” for this brand), is a part of this blog’s culture, so I’m really interested in hearing what you guys think about the shirts in the comment area below. Also, if you have any suggestions on how to get the word out shmall kine, holla! Shoot den!


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Have a happy VH07V Wednesday y’all! Shoooots!


Eat the Street – Tonight!

February 25, 2011

Eat the Street is back!

Poni Askew (@streetgrindz) and company are back with their 2nd Food Truck Rally this Friday, February 25th @5pm-9pm at 555 South Street in the Kaka`ako area. Following their wildy successful first event in Kapiolani, this second coming will feature almost twice the amount of vendors, space and parking! Oceanic Mobile will even have a booth there, providing FREE WiFi and FREE hand wipes for one and all! Come on down and enjoy the festivities k?

Eat the Street Kaka`ako - Food Truck Rally
Eat the Street Kaka`ako – Food Truck Rally

WHO (List of “Eat the Street” food vendors):

WHAT: “Eat the Street” Kaka`ako – Hawaii’s Food Truck & Street Food Rally
WHEN: Friday, February 25th from 5pm-9pm
WHERE: 555 South Street
WHY: Ono kine grindz of course!

DJ Mr. Nick & TKO will also be there spinning downtempo/acid jazz/etc. See y’all there! 🙂


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Have a happy VH07V Friday and weekend y’all!


The Good Table at SOUL Restaurant

October 8, 2010

Last night, Rick Nakama and his wife Kelli invited wifey and I to SOUL Restaurant for dinner. This wasn’t just any dinner though… it was a dinner to benefit Lanakila Pacific‘s Meals on Wheels’ annual “The Good Table” event which involved over 50 participating restaurants striving for one common goal: To end senior hunger.

At precisely 6pm, guests at each participating restaurant got to chow down on some mean off-the-menu specials in the name of charity. Us social media heads even got to upload our photos directly to Lanakila Pacific’s flickr stream and hashtag our tweets using the uber-trending #GoodTable.

Here are the sights – from our perspective – last night at SOUL…

The Good Table at SOUL Restaurant
The centerpiece accent from Lanakila Pacific (and Kelli hiding)

The Good Table at SOUL Restaurant
Rick and I excited to eat at our Good Table (Photo Credit: Rick Nakama)

(notice Rick showcasing the IntelliGo for us at Oceanic? 8) )

The Good Table at SOUL Restaurant
A plantain dish came out first

The Good Table at SOUL Restaurant
Kukui Sausage Chorizo and North Shore Farms Black Bean Nachos with Local Sweet Corn & Asiago Cream

The Good Table at SOUL Restaurant
Chef/Owner Sean Preister showed us some of the beans he used in our dishes

The Good Table at SOUL Restaurant
Chef Mack Maryland Crab Cake with Manoa Pomelo

The Good Table at SOUL Restaurant
Haricot Verts Salad with Naked Cow Dairy Feta and Citronette

The Good Table at SOUL Restaurant
Group shot (wifey, me, Kelli & Rick)

The Good Table at SOUL Restaurant
Seared Olomana farms Tilapia with Jeanne Vana Heirloom Beans & Sweet Potato Hash with Sofrito & Kukui Spicy Portuguese Sausage

Side note: Rick is not much of a cooked fish fan, but this dish was a winnah for him. See how much so below…

The Good Table at SOUL Restaurant
Rick is all smiles enjoying his Tilapia

The Good Table at SOUL Restaurant
Pork Tenderloin with Lomi Lomi Sweet local Tomatoes, Manchego-Serrano “Mac-n-Cheese” Orzo and Waialua Braised Greens

The Good Table at SOUL Restaurant
Kelli and Rick with their Pork Tenderloin (Photo Credit: Kelli Nakama)

The Good Table at SOUL Restaurant
Wifey and I with with our Pork Tenderloin (Photo Credit: Rick Nakama)

The Good Table at SOUL Restaurant
Dessert: Panna Cotta with Local Sunrise Papaya and Honey (Photo Credit: Rick Nakama)

The Good Table at SOUL Restaurant
Kelli enjoying her Panna Cotta

The Good Table at SOUL Restaurant
Rick (@RickNakama), Chef Sean Priester (@pacificsoul) and me (@worldwideed)

A big mahalo to Rick and Kelli Nakama for letting us join you for such a scrumptious, and unforgettable dinner. A hearty thank you to Chef Sean Priester (and the SOUL Restaurant staffers) for working overtime, cooking up a storm for us. Thank you also to all of the other participating restaurants and tireless volunteers for helping to put on this wonderful event. Lastly, big ups to Lanakila Pacific and their Meals on Wheels and The Good Table programs. It’s selfless giving from organizations like you who make this world a better place for those in need. Mahalo!

Other Coverage:

Have a great VH07V Friday and weekend everyone! See y’all next week! 🙂

Fave Friday – Teenage Crushes

May 14, 2010

Playboy Magazine in 3DSo supposedly, some magazine by the name of “Playboy” is jumping on the 3D bandwagon and coming out with a 3D edition of its own some time today. Playboy? I’ve never heard of it. What’s it all about? *grin*

In honor of this magazine I’ve never heard of, I was gonna ask you guys for your fave mags of all time, but we kinda-sorta did that one already. So instead, let’s focus on what every snotty-nosed teenager does what he reads this type of magazine: falls in love. In this case, it’s with Hope Dworaczyk.

Crushes. We’ve all had ’em. Not with Playboy models per se, but growing up with our raging hormones (yeah, I’m talking to you ladies too! 😛 ), we’ve all secretly (or not so secretly) had our eye on that cute girl/guy in our 5th period history class. (Dear lord, I’m dating myself!) Or perhaps we fell in love with that kid actor on the cover of Tiger Beat magazine, or that cool singer on MTV.


Just share your list and share your list good with the rest of the WWE `ohana. We promise not to judge… much! 8)

In no particular order, here are some of mine that I can remember, off the top of my head…

* Alicia Silverstonewhat ever happened to her anyway? Guess this site answers our questions.
* Patricia FordI was actually almost signed on to help her do her official web site, but things kinda fell through. That might’ve been fun eh?
* Pamela Anderson (NSFW) – at least until she got all crazy. Hehe!
* Danica McKellar“Wonder Years”! I always wanted to be “Kevin”! She’s actually a math nerd now!
* Christina ApplegateDem years on “Married with Children”… ’nuff said!
* Girl in my 7th grade math class! – Shhh! LOL!
* Girl in my college history class! – too bad she didn’t know I existed! LOL!

I know, lots yeah!? Da worst part is I know I’m missing some. Bahahaha! Nah, not dat bad… I think!

BTW, do you guys know what a “unicorn” is? My co-worker says that a “unicorn” is someone that you’ll always have feelings for, no matter how long it has been. Is it true that we all have that one “unicorn” in life???

Talk to me!
* What are your thoughts of Playboy Magazine going 3D?
* Post your list of crushes (during your teenage years) in the comment area below! Can be celebs or peeps you know IRL.
* What do you think of the “unicorn” theory? Do you have your own unicorn?

Hijack This!
* Surprised that Cleveland lost to Boston yesterday? What do you think of Bron Bron’s future in Cleveland? How do you think Boston stacks up against my boys in blue (Orlando)?
* Thoughts on Michael Lynche’s departure from American Idol? Think he has a future in music?
* Big weekend planned?

Have a happy VH07v Friday (and weekend) y’all! Shooooooots! 🙂

Fave Friday: Superpowers

February 19, 2010

We’ve all dreamt it I’m sho. Having that one super power that will take us over the top. The man amongst men. The woman amongst women. Would be nice right?

Well, instead of just talking about and dreaming about it, let’s put it on paper and make it a goal. You know what they say, write down your goals and you will achieve them. Soooo, post your ideal super power below and it shall become reality. 😛 K, maybe not, but play along won’tcha? 8)

At first, I thought of the most logical choices:

* Flying/Teleportation: Going on a trip, anywhere in the world be sa-weet!
* Living forever: I am Team Edward after all… 😉
* Invisibility/X-Ray Vision: duh! Ya bettah axe somebody rayboyjr why. 😛 Joking!

But the more and more I think about it, I think my superpower would simply be to make fo’ real kine money with the wave of my hands. See, I’m easy. 😛

Why? Well, because if I had an unlimited amount of cash flow, I would personally own my own jet or teleporting machine to travel. I could just buy a hyperbaric chamber to live (almost) forever. I could just pay to get an invisibility suit or x-ray goggles. Well, if they ever existed. So you see, with money out of thin air, I could just about do what I want. Muhahahaha!

I know, it ‘s the root of all evil, but what they hey, we’re living in the fantasy world right now.

So what’s your superpower wish? Post it below and I’ll buy it for ya! 😉

Need some ideas? Check out this listing from Wikipedia!

Happy VH07V Friday y’all! Have a great weekend!

P.S. Tomorrow night, the UH Rainbow Men’s Basketball Team takes on Cal Poly at 8PM at the Stan Sheriff Center in the Oceanic Time Warner Cable sponsored ESPN Bracketbuster game. Oceanic will be passing out an eco-friendly tote bag for the first 2,000 fans. Come on down if you can! (The Wahine are also in action earlier that night, taking on La Tech at 5PM.) Go Bows! 🙂

Oceanic Time Warner Cable/ESPN Eco-Friendly Tote Bag
Oceanic Time Warner Cable/ESPN Eco-Friendly Tote Bag