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It’s Settled… I *AM* High!

May 10, 2005

So on top of everything else, yesterday, I went to the Pacific Club for a VIP Open House for the EMBA (Executive MBA) program. It was essentially a mixer/mingling, open-format type of program with pupus and drinks, basically created to try and convince us young (mostly old actually) executives to attend their upcoming session. I’ve always been on the fence with this one as I am not completely convinced that a Master’s Degree is the key to success, especially here in Hawaii where personality and who you know play more of a part in your business success than anything. Don’t get me wrong, I still admire and respect those with a higher form of education (it’ll probably help me if I ever decide to move to the mainland), but I really don’t know if I’m convinced that 2 years of my life and the large sums of money I’ll be throwing at this (while I could be using that time and money elsewhere) will be worth it in the long run. Hmm…

Well, they worked their magic on me, as I’m a little closer to the “gonna go” side than before. Respected guest speakers from established companies vouched for the program. It was also emphasized that the EMBA (as opposed to the regular MBA) is the most prized/respected/prestigious degree and that the prices are still relatively low (only $5Gs more than the regular MBA). They apply real world applications and you are able to go through the program with a common cohort of like-minded executives. There’s even a 4 week Asia Summer Field Study! I’m sold! Hehe! I also found someone I knew, so that’ll be helpful if I do go through with it. Next questions are: how much (if any) will work cover?, will I have the time?, do I really wanna spend my money here instead of elsewhere?, etc. Wish me luck! Hehe!

On another note (updating my previous post), one season is pau. Whew! Just three left now… On Sunday, we lost by one point dammit… and at the buzzer no less! A positive note is that the ‘rents and sis came to watch (cause we were playing her company) and I played some inspired ball. LOL! I don’t think they’ve ever seen me play before (aside from small kid time) and they were very happy and proud of me doing well. Yay! I’m all growns up. Haha! On Monday, I tore up my knee diving for a ball. My work pants got all juicy the next day. I think I’m also allergic to grass cause my leg is all itchy now too. Haha! Scrumptious ain’t it?

Scrumptious ain't it?

Grammy comes in exactly two weeks!!!! Woo hoo! Sorry folks, but I’ll be MIA for a while. Gotsta take care of my Number 1 girl. 😛 In other news, we’ve also got camp coming up right LT, L-Train, Lobesy, Grantlau, Jay-o, etc.? YES! Looking sooo forward to that. And is Maui on Hilly/Shar/Noelley/Grantlau??? Anyway, this is way TMI and who the heck cares anyway, so back to work… PEACE!

P.S. Other things to accomplish this year:

  • Buy Mraz’s new album (July 26th son!)
  • Marathon (December 11)
  • Join AAJA (depending on time)
  • Go back to boxing classes
  • Continue to save more $$$ for the future
  • Spend more quality time with family.
  • Hit 200K! *grin*

Much love to YN and Big Mike for sharing the special, tear jerking moment with me! LOL!
Much love to YN and Big Mike for sharing the special, tear jerking moment with me! LOL!