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Fave Five Friday: Phobias

July 17, 2009

Yeah, OK, so “Phobias” do not exactly constitute a “Fave” Five list, but you know what I mean right? 8)

This one was actually suggested by wifey, after coming eye to eye with a friendly widdle cockroach – something she’s DEATHLY afraid of – at a restaurant.

Since I’m such a manly man (*grunt* *snort*), coming up with a list of things I’m afraid of will not be easy. *grin* But seriously, for those having trouble wid dis, try herehere or here (some of ’em are HILARIOUS!). OK, let’s do this thang!

My Phobias yo:

  1. Kakorrhaphiophobia (defeat) or Atychiphobia (failure) – Hate to lose. Nuff said.
  2. Agoraphobia (crowded public places) – not really a phobia, but more of a peeve. Don’t like things/people crowding me. Personal space people. 😉
  3. Thanatophobia (death/dying) – who isn’t afraid of dying?
  4. Trypanophobia/Aichmophobia/Belonephobia (needles) – not really scared of um, but I’d rather not have to have um in me. 😉
  5. Phalacrophobia (becoming bald) – kinda funny, but serious. Hehe!

Is there such a thing as PublicToiletSeatphobia? If so, I got it! 8)

Some amusing ones I found:

  1. Caligynephobia (beautiful women) – poor guy
  2. Kolpophobia (female genitals) – no comment
  3. Japanophobia (Japanese or Japanese culture) – Ahahaha!
  4. Gamophobia (marriage) – could be blamed for some long engagements?
  5. Gymnophobia (nudity) – craziness! Playboy would go broke!
  6. Didaskaleinophobia (school, going to school) – Dammit! I could’ve used this back in the day! 8)
  7. Genophobia (sex) – is you serious?
  8. Cacophobia (ugliness) – Bwahahahahahaha!

I really shouldn’t be laughing though cause these could be very serious fears for people. :

Happy VHO7V Friday y’all and have a good weekend a-ight? Shoots!


Flashback Friday: Finish This Song – May 8, 2009

May 8, 2009

K, it’s been a couple months since we had a Flashback (Kanak) Attack Friday. What better way to send us into the VHO7V Friday weekend right? Right.

Y’all know the rules. I get this (lyrical) party started (RIGHT!) and you join on in until we finish the song. Getum? Coo! Let’s do this!

Who take my lady from the tropical island?…

Ahahahaha! Oh yeah! I went there! Nevah thought you’d hear that one today did ya? 8)

Talk to me!
* Post your comment below with the next line to this old school jam.
* Add any stories or memories (including your skankin’ days! 😛 ) you have when you hear this song.
* Feedback about the artist? Add those too k?

Happy VHO7V and Flashback Friday! Have an awesome weekend and happy momma’s day y’all! Shoooooots!

Flashback Friday: Sayings

April 17, 2009

This one is inspired by the hilarious comments many of you leave at the bottom on these blogs. Mad props!

Several weeks ago, uji busted out “Yes No Maybe so” and I just had to crack up.

I don’t know about you, but these sayings from yesteryear make me all misty-eyed nostalgic and think back to a time of carefree living. No work, no life pressures, just fun times, naw-mean? Good kine times when the only pressure you had was figuring out who you were going to bless who you were going beg to go with you to the prom. 😛

What’s even cooler is that we in Hawaii have this unique culture that makes our words, language and sayings very colloquial in nature. We’ve got sayings that only we know and can relate to. Yeah?

So hurr’s the dealio. Post one local kine saying, with your best interpretation of the definition or usage during your hanabattah days. Include a funny story if you like. Sayings like: No Ack, Like Beef, Handles Randall, Make A, She go, etc., you know. Need help, check For bonus points, if you have more then one, post them separately to artificially boost the comment count. LOL! I’ll go first.

* Make A – Embarrassing, make a fool of one’s self. Make @$$. Usually used in my days to refer to a dude “making A” in front of a girl.

K, your turn… brah!

Talk to me!
* Post your favorite saying(s) below.
* Post your least favorite saying(s) below.
* WWE is turning 1 later this month! Any suggestions on what to write about that day? 🙂
* Don’t forget to have a Happy Aloha VH07V Friday today and fun weekend y’all!

Fave Five Friday – Smells

April 3, 2009

Just call me the blender, cause I mix thangs up!

Awwww yeah! We’re goin’ back to Fave Five Friday this week.

“OMG, what is he going to do next week? I’m so scared!”

Das right! You should be scurred. I be keepin’ you on your toes son!

Hehe, ok, that was the longest, most ridiculous opening ever. But you’re still reading, so we a-ight.

This week’s Fave Five list is smells. For kicks, I may have to add a non-faves list up in hurr as well. Feel free to do the same y’all!

  1. Wifey – [insert obligatory “Awwww” here]
  2. Wifey’s cooking – See, I stay learnin’!
  3. Anything New – new car smell, new shoes, new clothes, new electronics, anythang!
  4. Fresh Air – Lucky we live Hawaii!
  5. Poke or French Fries! – ’nuff sedd! 😛 Actually pretty much any food smells ono if I’m hungry…

Non-Fave Five “Smells” list:

  1. B.O. – Please use deodorant people! Da worst is when it lingers even after they’re gone!
  2. Barf – I got four words for this: Y U C K!
  3. (Someone else’s) Poop – Doesn’t your own not bother you that much? Or is that just gross to talk about? 😛
  4. Men’s Bathrooms – anywhere in the world! Always stank!
  5. Stink bombs – damn you troublemaking classmates during our assemblies!

Happy Aloha Friday (and weekend) y’all! Shoots!

Flashback Friday: Finish This Song – March 27, 2009

March 27, 2009

Not sure how many of you peeps are still in vacation/Spring Break mode, but let’s give another old school song a whirl shall we? Hopefully thurr’s enough of us around to finish the song. 8)

I learned my lesson from last week though. Picking a short song with not too many words/lyrics quickly ends our fun. So you know what I did this time around? I picked a rap song. OH YEAH! Get CHOKE words now! Smahtchyea?

Anyway, you know the dealio. Hurrrr we go!

My my my my music hits me so hard, makes me say oh my lord…

Know um? Well, don’t just sit there. Regulate Appreciate Participate. 🙂

Talk to me!
* Post your comment below with the next line to this old school jam.
* Add any stories or memories you have when you hear this song.
* Feedback about the artist? Add those too k?

Happy Aloha and Flashback Friday! Have an awesome weekend y’all! Shoooooots!

Flashback Friday: Finish This Song – March 20, 2009

March 20, 2009

Ho, da feedback for last week’s “Name That Tune” contest is still coming in as I write this (Tuesday), and it took on a life of its own over time. To accommodate the interest, let’s switch it up a bit this week and make it a finish that song game, ala Don’t Forget the Lyrics/The Singing Bee. I’ll start with the first line to the song, and the next person commenting will add the next line. Getum? Gotum? Good! We go!

I met a boy who didn’t know…

I know, I know… easy, but we gotta pick one that more peepo know right? 🙂

Talk to me!
* Post your comment with the next line to the song.
* Add any stories or memories you have when you hear this song.
* If you have any other comments about the song or performer, add those too k?

Happy Aloha and Flashback Friday y’all! Have an awesome weekend! Shoooooots!