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Guest Blog: Name That Tune Summer Redux [skycastles]

July 6, 2009

Hey WWE Ohana!
Guess I’m the lucky one who gets to wrap up the guest blogging while Ed’s cruising with the wildlife up in Alaska. I’ve been tossing and turning trying to think up a decent topic for us that’ll also help boost Ed’s comment count. (Mebbe if we do good, he’ll let us hijack more often no?)
One of the funnest WWE blogs ever was the Name That Tune thread that lasted days and days. I figure, why fix what ain’t broke? (Plus, it’s Monday. Do you even have your first cup of coffee yet?) So with that said, let’s bus’ out the music and get this party started. Dust off those vinyls or load up that iPod ’cause we’re gonna rock this joint!
Feel free to keep this thing going by posting your favorite summer lyrics once my tune is named. Check back often because judging from last time, we got some music aficionados up in here and this thing will move pretty quickly. I thought I’d start us off with something from the summer of ’66:
“…All around people lookin’ half dead
walkin’ on the sidewalk hotter than a match head.
But at night it’s a different world,
go out and find a girl.
Come on, come on and dance all night.
Despite the heat it’ll be alright…”

Good luck!


Flashback Friday: Finish This Song – May 8, 2009

May 8, 2009

K, it’s been a couple months since we had a Flashback (Kanak) Attack Friday. What better way to send us into the VHO7V Friday weekend right? Right.

Y’all know the rules. I get this (lyrical) party started (RIGHT!) and you join on in until we finish the song. Getum? Coo! Let’s do this!

Who take my lady from the tropical island?…

Ahahahaha! Oh yeah! I went there! Nevah thought you’d hear that one today did ya? 8)

Talk to me!
* Post your comment below with the next line to this old school jam.
* Add any stories or memories (including your skankin’ days! 😛 ) you have when you hear this song.
* Feedback about the artist? Add those too k?

Happy VHO7V and Flashback Friday! Have an awesome weekend and happy momma’s day y’all! Shoooooots!

Prom Songs

April 10, 2009

Since I’m off being unproductive today 😛 , hurr’s a combo Fave 5 / Flashback Friday post from our beloved kuya.d. Show him some love y’all!


Chee-hoo! And aloha WWE ‘ohana! I’m not sure if Ed made a good decision, but you lucky buggahs (or poor things) have me, kuya.d, sitting in for the vacay man today. Thanks for the honor Bruddah Ed!

So let’s jump in the ole way-back machine, and give a nod to prom. Yeah, it’s prom season, so let’s do it this way: list your Fave 5 songs from your prom days (fast songs, love songs, any song that takes you back!).

And I’ll also start us off on our favorite “name that tune” sing-along. So join in!

I know today’s Good Friday so I do wish you all a nice one. Some of you don’t have work, but I’m still hoping for some responses since some folks still have to represent on the time clock.

My prom songs Fave 5:
1) “Lost in Love” – New Edition (they were my favorite group until Boyz II Men came out).
2) “About You” – C&K (even the kids now listen to this song, true island classic).
3) “The Search is Over” – Survivor (didn’t I hear this on Idol the other nite?).
4) “Supersonic” – JJ Fadd (this or rock, rock Planet Rock, or give-give-give Give it All You Got).
5) “I Would Die 4 You” – Prince (go ahead, throw in that Purple Rain DVD, I know ya wanna).

. . . I’ve been waiting for so long, now I finally found someone to stand by me . . . (continue on from here folks)!

By the way, Have a blessed Easter! And Ed will be back Monday, mucho mahalos!

Flashback Friday: Finish This Song – March 27, 2009

March 27, 2009

Not sure how many of you peeps are still in vacation/Spring Break mode, but let’s give another old school song a whirl shall we? Hopefully thurr’s enough of us around to finish the song. 8)

I learned my lesson from last week though. Picking a short song with not too many words/lyrics quickly ends our fun. So you know what I did this time around? I picked a rap song. OH YEAH! Get CHOKE words now! Smahtchyea?

Anyway, you know the dealio. Hurrrr we go!

My my my my music hits me so hard, makes me say oh my lord…

Know um? Well, don’t just sit there. Regulate Appreciate Participate. 🙂

Talk to me!
* Post your comment below with the next line to this old school jam.
* Add any stories or memories you have when you hear this song.
* Feedback about the artist? Add those too k?

Happy Aloha and Flashback Friday! Have an awesome weekend y’all! Shoooooots!

Flashback Friday: Finish This Song – March 20, 2009

March 20, 2009

Ho, da feedback for last week’s “Name That Tune” contest is still coming in as I write this (Tuesday), and it took on a life of its own over time. To accommodate the interest, let’s switch it up a bit this week and make it a finish that song game, ala Don’t Forget the Lyrics/The Singing Bee. I’ll start with the first line to the song, and the next person commenting will add the next line. Getum? Gotum? Good! We go!

I met a boy who didn’t know…

I know, I know… easy, but we gotta pick one that more peepo know right? 🙂

Talk to me!
* Post your comment with the next line to the song.
* Add any stories or memories you have when you hear this song.
* If you have any other comments about the song or performer, add those too k?

Happy Aloha and Flashback Friday y’all! Have an awesome weekend! Shoooooots!

Flashback Friday: Name That Tune – March 13, 2009

March 13, 2009

(*announcer’s voice*) And NOW!!! Introducing another game to add to our WWE’s Flashback Friday repertoire…


… *drumroll* …




Somebody stop me! Can we all tell who’s in marketing here? Ha!

OK, so hurr’s the idea. I’ll type in a snippet of lyrics from an old school song (most likely a local Hawaiian kine jam) and you try to guess what song it is and who sang/performed it. Include your memories of that time in your life for bonus points too. Eh, no cheat and Google da buggah k?

The lyric teaser and my personal memory is as follows. Take a guess as to what the song is and add your memories too k? Shoots!

Bend your back and your knees,
Stretch out your hands like a racing jockey

Hearing this song recently made me laugh and reminisce. It was back in high school when some of us basketball players caught a ride with our coach to a game. I think it was an interisland game in Kauai if I remember correctly. So this song: ________ by ________ came on the radio and our coach (the driver) blasted it and proceeded to actually do the jockey move dance while driving! We all cracked up and joined in with the jockey move with our coach and the music. Not necessarily the safest thing on earth, but it was hilarious!

Needless to say, we carried that energy over to our game where we wiped the floor with our opponents, showing them our jockey move. OK, so I don’t necessarily remember if we won 😛 , but it does make for a happier ending doesn’t it? 😉

What about you gang? Can you Name That Tuuuune (and artist) and share your memories of this time (early 90s)? Holla!

Happy Aloha and Flashback Friday y’all!