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I’m High!

April 17, 2005

My body’s gonna fall apart. This morning I woke up at 6 to pick the ‘rents up from the airport. Then, I stood in line for almost three hours for a new investment property opening up in town (a secret for now so you bastids don’t steal my place in the lottery! Haha!). Then, I had a media league bball game tonight (which we friggen lost!) which I just got back from. I’m finally winding down for another wonderful week of work. At least this is the last week of real work for the month before heading off to sunny Florida for a nice, weeklong getaway… well, sorta. It’s work, but not really cause we Editors know how to gets down after hours. Haha! Shaddup.


Am I High?

April 12, 2005

So I just got a call from a co-worker who wanted to recruit me for the company softball team. I committed. Am I insane!? That is the 4th simultaneously running league I am now in. This one runs on Monday nights, another softball league in Kailua runs on the weekends (Fri, Sat or Sun), my YBA basketball league runs on Saturday mornings and the first game for our media basketball league starts this Sunday night. Holy cow! I hope there are no schedule conflicts! Normally, playing in this many leagues is not too out of the ordinary, but all at the same time!? Sheesh! Gimme some time to breathe man! Ha ha! Ah, I guess I can look at this in a positive way and see this as very VERY early training for the marathon and a way for me to get some cardio in. I sit on my butt enough at work, thankyouverymuch. Anyway, that’s enough for now… Peace!