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Where In Hawaii is Edward Sugimoto? – June 27, 2008 – ANSWER

June 30, 2008

Now that you’ve had the entire weekend to mull it over, here is da answer:

White Plains Beach, Barber’s Point, Kapolei, Hawaii

White Plains Beach, Barber's Point, Kapolei, Hawaii

White Plains Beach, Barber's Point, Kapolei, Hawaii

White Plains Beach, Barber's Point, Kapolei, Hawaii

Congrats GumbysHorse, you smarty pants! I think I gotta make um harder next time! πŸ™‚ Have a great week yo!


Where In Hawaii is Edward Sugimoto? – June 27, 2008

June 27, 2008

Welcome Honolulu Advertiser print readers. Since I’m apparently in the rail promotion area for the print publication today, I thought I’d feature one of my more popular (meaning I get 3 comments instead of the usual 2 πŸ˜› ) blogs posts for all y’all new guests. It’s where I mysteriously go to some top secret location in this 808 state and snap a photo or two. Then, you smarty pants readers get to guess where the heck I am, based on the vague-ity (is that a word?) that is the photo. See past posts. Without further ado *drumroll* hurr we gooooo!

Where In Hawaii is Edward Sugimoto? - June 27, 2008
Where In Hawaii is Edward Sugimoto? – June 27, 2008

Not so easy yeah? And no, even though it may look like it, it’s not somewhere in Cali. It’s somewhere on Oahu. I can’t tell you what part or that’ll give um away. Go ahead, go guess um goooo. Answer to come on Monday!

P.S. In other news, UFC Lightweight Champ BJ Penn will be signing autographs at Barnes & Noble at Ala Moana Center from 9:45AM-12PM tomorrow afternoon FYI. WWE Pro Wrestler John Cena will also be at Ala Moana Center at GNC from 10:30AM-4:30PM tomorrow. Check out one, the other or both! Also, the first annual Mixed Martial Arts Sport & Fitness Expo is happening this weekend at the Blaisdell Exhibition Hall on Friday (06/27) from 3pm-10pm, Saturday (06/28) from 9am-9pm, and Sunday (06/29) from 9am-5pm. Have a good weekend y’all!

Mid-Week BBQ

June 26, 2008

My buddy Tommy and his fiancee Magaret came down from Californ-I-A for our good friend Dicson’s (and Roda’s) wedding. Last night was their last night here, so in true, Hawaii fashion, we threw him a Pau Hana, BBQ style. Here are some scenes from the night.

Dics holding it down on the grill
Dics holding it down on the grill.

Closeup of BBQ chicken sticks
Closeup of BBQ chicken sticks

Ala and Tommy swinging together
Ala and Tommy swinging together

Almost pau
Almost pau

Tommy telling a story while Glenn shows us the gun show
Tommy tells a story while Glenn shows us the gun show

BBQ Hawaiian style - poke, miso soup, gau gee, crab dip, sushi, mac salad, salad, chow mein, bbq meats and more!
BBQ Hawaiian style – bbq meats, poke, crab dip, gau gee, chow mein, fried rice, miso soup, tossed salad, mac salad, sushi and more!

Uncle Glenn playing babysitter as everyone else shoots the breeze
Uncle Glenn plays babysitter as everyone else shoots the breeze

Talk to me:

  • Gots any of your own BBQ stories to share?
  • Looking forward to a little 4th of July BBQ action?
  • I’m looking for a new and interesting recipe for BBQ-ing. I got the typical miso chicken, red wine steaks, etc. action. Anyone care to share their winnah recipe for me to sample? πŸ™‚
  • Or, if you don’t BBQ, what’s the best potluck stuffs from around town to pick up? (e.g. kalbi from Gina’s, fried chicken from KJ’s, etc.). Where else?

P.S. This blog is scheduled to be featured in the rail promo area of tomorrow’s print edition. Be sure to pick one up so you can see my beautiful mug, er, see what exciting post I have lined up for you guys (online) tomorrow! Hint: “WhereΒ In Hawaii…” Yeah YEAH!

“You Look So Dumb Right Now…”

June 25, 2008

When I first heard Rihanna’s new hit song “Take A Bow” on the radio, I was like, “what the heck is this!? Who starts a song with ‘How about a round of applause’!? This is lame.” *changes channel*

Now, I soooo look forward to hearing it (it’s actually pretty catchy too). It just tickles me silly and makes me want to crack up every single time, especially the opening line of “You look so dumb right now.” OMG! Hilarious! Another “money” line is “You’re so ugly when you cry… Please! Just cut it out.” I falsetto myself into the girliest sounding voice ever and belt right along with Rihanna, smirking all the while.

Anyone else in the same boat as me or am I just entertaining myself with this one!? Holla atcho boy!

What’s the Point of Conditioner?

June 24, 2008

Can somebody tell me what the heck conditioner is for?

The great Wikipedia defines Hair Conditioner as “a hair care product that alters the texture and appearance of human hair.”


Why do I want to alter the texture and appearance of my beautiful locks? I’ve also heard that conditioner softens and makes your hair more manageable.

Again, Hah!?

I’m a simple man. Alls I want is to clean my hair from the day’s dirtiness. Don’t give me an extra chore man.

Can somebody please unlock the mystery that is hair conditioner? Am I going to die without it throughout the course of my life? Will I prematurely go bald (*knock on wood*) or suddenly end up with dreads due to a lack of “texture altering” liquid? To me, it’s an extra three minutes in the shower, which is three too many if you ask me.

If you can convince me that it’s worth my while, I will begrudgingly give in and consider it. Thank goodness for the invention of the “shampoo plus conditioner” products out there. One time pau! Must’ve been a guy who invented that one yeah? πŸ˜›

Kendall Grove Looks Impressive In Win Over Evan Tanner

June 23, 2008

Local boy Kendall Grove looked impressive in his decision win over former UFC Middleweight champion Evan Tanner in Saturday night’s Ultimate Fighter Team Rampage vs. Team Forrest Finale show. Tanner looked old and defeated while the Maui native was active and aggressive. After the fight, Grove announced that he is opening a gym in Maui with friend (and fighter) Troy “Rude Boy” Mandaloniz. Good to see local boys giving back (following in the footsteps of BJ Penn on the Big Island and Egan Inoue on Oahu).

On the same card, Amir Sadollah did the unthinkable and caught favored CB Dollaway again with an armbar, as Dollaway ridiculously denied tapping. I’m so stoked for Amir! He’s such a humble, grounded (and funny) guy. I hope he does well in his MMA career. Click here for the results of the rest of the card.

In other news, there were two big losses this weekend due to heart complications: Kauai Mayor Bryan Baptiste died of an apparent cardiac arrest, and legendary comedian George Carlin died of heart failure. R.I.P. Baptiste and Carlin!

Talk to me!
* What’s next for Grove?
* Is Tanner’s career over?
* Think Sadollah has a bright future?
* Post your condolences for Bryan Baptiste and/or George Carlin.

Jesse Taylor Out, Amir Sadollah to Face CB Dollaway in the Ultimate Fighter Finale

June 20, 2008

So I admittedly haven’t been home long enough to sit down and watch back the entire episode of Wednesday’s the Ultimate Fighter show, but my Google Reader told me that the meathead who got eliminated (due to the kicking out of the limo window) was Jesse Taylor. No surprise. What did surprise, yet delight me was to see that Amir Sadollah moved on to the finale, which meant one thing. Arrogant/Cocky CB Dollaway lost! YES!

So this morning, I had to do a quick fast forward/rewind recap of the show on my DVR to see exactly what happened.

* FF – through Amir vs. CB match
* Stop & Rewind – to watch armbar setup and execution
* Play – through post fight wrap-up and interviews (don’t you hate it when people say their own name in the 3rd person? – “CB Dollaway” – so irras!)
* FF – to Jesse incident and Dana’s speech to him
* FF – through CB vs. Tim Credeur match (noticed it went three rounds. Gotta love and respect Tim.)

So now it’s Amir Sadollah vs. CB Dollaway 2 for the Ultimate Fighter finale on Spike TV tomorrow night (Digital Channel 0559 @ 6PM). When there were four men left, this is the matchup I wanted for the finale anyway. Let’s just see if Amir can pull off the upset again. CB is way too strong and talented, and will no doubt make it as a fighter, but I just hate how conceited he is about it. Amir seems humble and appreciative of everything and you just want to see someone like that win it all. Plus, he can scrap no?

TGIF folks. Have a good weekend!

Talk to me!
* Who do you want to win? CB or Amir?
* What do you think of Tim Credeur? What a good guy yeah?
* What are your big plans this weekend?

Anderson Silva to Fight On FREE TV!

June 19, 2008

It’s official. The fight for MMA supremacy is on like Donkey Kong!

The rumors were just confirmed that the UFC has put together a card to be aired on July 19th, the very same night that rival league startup Affliction is to air their Banned card on Pay-Per-View. The card will feature Middleweight Champion Anderson “The Spider” Silva moving up to Light Heavyweight to face James “The Sandman” Irvin and will be aired on SpikeTV (Digital Channel 0559) for free.

And that’s not the end of it. There have also been rumors that the UFC is considering putting together yet another card for July 26th to go up against the next scheduled CBS EliteXC event on broadcast television. It’s getting insane in the membrane.

Then again, the UFC has always been the dominant name in MMA. They’re just pushing their muscle around. Ultimately, this is, I think, a good thing for us fans. We get to see the best in MMA competition, regardless of the organization who puts it on.

Talk to me!
* What do y’all think of this?
* Which are you planning to watch? Personally, I’m doing the DVR thang! πŸ™‚
* Do you think Affliction (who is now backed by Donald Trump) can get some traction with their big names?

Boston, Bodies, and Barack Obama

June 18, 2008

There’s been some interesting “B” words in the news as of late. Boston, as in the Boston Celtics… Bodies, like the one in the Bodies Exhibition going on at Ala Moana… and Barack Obama, because, well, he’s always in the news and frankly, I needed a 3rd “B” sounding word to round out my catchy title. πŸ˜› (Note: I was this close to using “Babalu” Sobral instead of Barack, but didn’t think his name had quite the same star power. *grin*)

And since you obviously read this blog to catch up with all of the quality, cutting edge reports going on in the world, I didn’t want to let you down. I’m here to deliver. Word.

So hurr we go son!

Yesterday afternoon, the Boston Celtics handed Kobe and crew a 131-92 beating to take the 2007-2008 NBA Championships. I was happy to see vets Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett not only bring one back to Beantown for the 17th time, but also validate themselves as players with their very first title. Congrats Celts!

Bodies… The Exhibition
On Saturday, a controversial exhibit that put human cadavers on display opened at Ala Moana Center. Controversy came when it was reported that they may be the remains of executed Chinese prisoners. Regardless whether they were or not, the exhibition has been cleared to start and will be on display through January 18th of next year. Admission is around $26.

Barack Obama
In a recent CNN poll, Barack Obama is shown leading John McCain 47%-43% (presumptive nominees). Awwwwright!


[Extra special kine bonus]

Renato “Babalu” Sobral

Recently signed with Affliction MMA, he will be fighting on their “Affliction: Banned” Pay-Per-View Card on July 19 against Mike Whitehead. The same stacked (and I mean STACKED) card that will feature Fedor vs. Sylvia, Barnett vs. Rizzo, Rothwell vs. Arlovski and Lindland vs. Negao.

Talk to me!
* Happy with Boston’s victory?
* Are you interested in checking out the Bodies exhibition?
* Barack or McCain?
* Excited for the Affliction: Banned event?

Wea Dis? – 06/13/08 – Answer

June 17, 2008

And da answer is…

Kakaako Waterfront Park!

Kakaako Waterfront Park!
Kakaako Waterfront Park

Pretty impressive Coconut Willy!