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Name Game

February 5, 2010

Ho, planny action on Wednesday’s blog yeah? Much love for playing along y’all! You da bes! 🙂

We gots another little game to pass your time today. Let’s see far we can get!

So the other morning I was listening to Rory Wild, Greg Hammer and Crystal Akana on the radio and they were playing their popular name game. You know the one where the first playa names a famous person and the next playa has to use a part of that name to state a new name of another famous person? For example:

* Michael Jackson
* Jackson Browne (uses “Jackson” from Michael Jackson)
* Brownstone (uses “Brown” from Jackson Browne)
* Joss Stone (uses “Stone” from Brownstone)

Not sure if any of the oddah bloggers did this already, but I thought it might be fun for us to try today. So waddaya say? Like try? If it gets stuck on someone too long, feel free to start fresh with a new name to keep the puppy goin’… I’ll start with a common one that has two first names to make um easier. 🙂

* “Bob Dylan”


P.S. Happy VHO7V Friday! 🙂