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September 28, 2005
  • I’m trying to flip my investment property. If all goes well (*cross your fingers*), I’ll be able to pocket a very pretty penny. Very Nahhhce! Drinks on me?
  • Fantasy Football’s going decent. I’m 3-0 in my work league and 2-1 in our gangy’s league (I hate you Jay and Shaun Alexander! Hehe!). It’s a long season though so it could still go either way. I’m defending champ for both, but it’s looking grim for the gangy league. I’m on my third starting QB now (two already got injured). YIKES! Oh well. It’s all about matchups and getting hot at the right time right?
  • Been going to a lot of weddings it seems lately. Guess we’re all getting to about that age where we should be either doing it or at least thinking about it… I want to be on a wedding party again. It’s always fun from that perspective. So… close friends… hurr’up and get married already! *grin*
  • I realize I miss playing sports a lot. Not only do I feel like I’m lazy and getting fat, but I miss the competition and laughing it up with friends/teammates. I’ll get back out there soon. You can count on that. What worries me though is the marathon. It’s in friggen a few months. Will I be able to distance run in time? We shall see…
  • I miss trips. I’ve only been on one this year and I’ve still got like 2 weeks to burn. Saving money sucks, but it’s something I gotta do for now. Hopefully, if/when this property sells, I can live a little and travel and finally treat my girl to something nice. Thanks for being so supportive and understanding Traintracks!
  • Can I just monku and tell you that gas prices are absolutely RIDICULOUS!!! I’m not ever a cheap guy, but I find myself going for the low, 87 grade gas these days just to save a few pennies. It’s not so much the saving money part, but the principle I think. I’ve been thinking it’s time for a car upgrade and the car I’ve been eyeing for a long time is the Lexus RX400h. Not only is it sweet, but it’s also environment friendly as it’s a hybrid. Not sure if that’s the best way to burn my earnings, but we’ll see. If the gas prices stay at these prices, I may just have to consider…
  • Been spending a lot of time with sissy and niece lately. It’s so nice and refreshing to spend time with the youth of today. LOL! That sounded lame, but who cares, it’s MY blog. Haha! The niece likes to sleep over the house and it makes me remember back to when I was her age and thinking how fun sleepovers were. Watching movies with popcorn and sweets, etc. Then, dropping her off at school and seeing her friends, etc. makes me reminisce. Ohhh, the memories! Hehe!
  • The end of the month crunch is on! Which makes me wonder what the heck I’m doing wasting time on here writing a blog. Soon, I’ll be done and can go back to normalcy. But not really, because soon, I’ll be getting completely slammed. I’m collecting proposals for redeveloping/redesigning our entire web site. It’ll hopefully be a fun project, but I can’t wait until it’s done and live. Seeing my dream project come to fruition would be a blast. I still haven’t made a decision yet, so if anyone out there reading this has contacts with top tier web development firms, drop me a note.
  • Getting the parentals installed with Digital Phone. Don’t think they quite understand what it is, but that’s ok, to them, there shouldn’t be too much change. And, it’ll be free, so they’re not complaining! Hehe!
  • We caught this new show called Transgeneration on the Sundance Channel. It’s about 4 college students who are in the process of changing sexes and everything they have to go through in a fragile time in their life. It’s pretty interesting. If you have Sundance, you should check it out. Don’t forget to also watch The Ultimate Fighter 2 on Spike, the best show on earth!
  • Having a little shindig/poker/bbq get together again this Friday at the crib. I look forward to nights like these cause it’s so fun and relaxing and a nice break from the daily grind of work. I can’t believe I’ve been with my company for like 8 years now. Dang!
  • So Halloween is coming up. Any of you got any costume ideas for me?

I guess that’s it for now… Sorry for boring you with random nonsense, but it’s been a while since I posted a blog so there! Haha!