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Fave Friday – T-Shirt

October 9, 2009

Returning home from a recent trip, I was sporting my “No Worry Beef Curry” T-shirt. Upon deplaning, the flight attendant noticed it, pointed and smiled, almost in an approval kinda way. (Well, at least I think it was the shirt she was smiling at and not my beefcake body! Ahahaha! 😛 ).

ENeeeeewaaaay, the shirt was dug up from an old “Ed’s stuff” box at the ‘rents’ house during a recent garage sale and has become one of my favorites (again) as of late. As with errything, the incident above made me think of you guys and what might be of interest for this here blog community. So here it is.

In the comment area below, post what your favorite T-shirt is and why. (I was gonna ask you to “post your favorite local saying”, but I think we already did that one… kinda). Bonus points for posting your favorite sayings anyway. 😛 The shirt can be one you personally own, one you’ve seen, or one you were thinking of designing one day. 😉

I’ve got a several way tie for my fave tee:

* My “No Worry Beef Curry” t-shirt: for sentimental value (since I dug it up as a somewhat new discovery). Plus, it’s comfy and the color matches a lot of my shorts.
* My “Army” t-shirt: suuuuper comfy!
* My eS brand t-shirt: Um, helloooo!? ES, get it? ES!? 8)
* My “SPAM” t-shirt: no explanation necessary. 😉

And I guess I’ll use “No Worry Beef Curry” as my special bonus point saying. Woo hoo! 😛

So what say you?

Happy VHO7V Friday y’all! Have a great weekend and I’ll see ya next week! Happy Monday holiday for those of you who have the day off! 🙂

Flashback Friday: Sayings

April 17, 2009

This one is inspired by the hilarious comments many of you leave at the bottom on these blogs. Mad props!

Several weeks ago, uji busted out “Yes No Maybe so” and I just had to crack up.

I don’t know about you, but these sayings from yesteryear make me all misty-eyed nostalgic and think back to a time of carefree living. No work, no life pressures, just fun times, naw-mean? Good kine times when the only pressure you had was figuring out who you were going to bless who you were going beg to go with you to the prom. 😛

What’s even cooler is that we in Hawaii have this unique culture that makes our words, language and sayings very colloquial in nature. We’ve got sayings that only we know and can relate to. Yeah?

So hurr’s the dealio. Post one local kine saying, with your best interpretation of the definition or usage during your hanabattah days. Include a funny story if you like. Sayings like: No Ack, Like Beef, Handles Randall, Make A, She go, etc., you know. Need help, check For bonus points, if you have more then one, post them separately to artificially boost the comment count. LOL! I’ll go first.

* Make A – Embarrassing, make a fool of one’s self. Make @$$. Usually used in my days to refer to a dude “making A” in front of a girl.

K, your turn… brah!

Talk to me!
* Post your favorite saying(s) below.
* Post your least favorite saying(s) below.
* WWE is turning 1 later this month! Any suggestions on what to write about that day? 🙂
* Don’t forget to have a Happy Aloha VH07V Friday today and fun weekend y’all!