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Selected ShotS from our ScandalouS Snowboarding SeSSionS in Seattle!

February 24, 2005

(This photo blog was original posted at MySpace, but here it is for your viewing pleasure)

Seattle Adventures
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Ganbatte Grams!

February 1, 2005

Aishiteiru yo Obaachan!So grams just got surgery on her knee to ease her pain. She’s been struggling with bad knees for such a long time… I’m so happy that it finally feels better after all these years. Next up is the other knee. When she’s done with that and it’s time to return to her home, I’m definitely gonna fly up to help her settle in and get on that road to recovery (picture me with an apron and cooking meals for her! LOL!). Moms just returned from there and said that grams is working hard in physical therapy and it almost made me cry. I could just picture her struggling and working hard to get better. If I sound like a total wimp/softy, I don’t care. Grams is everything to me and I’d do anything for her! Obaachan ganbatte ne! Aishiteiru yo!