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Guest Bloggin’ Recap

March 26, 2010

I’ll make this one short and Ed sweet since many of y’all may have the day off today (Prince Jonah Kuhio Day)…

If you could please help me give a virtual round of applause to the guest bloggers who held it down for the last two weeks: Chicken Grease, kuya.d, JMAW, frankie, kako mochi, tweetpeep22, S-Ticket, tita leerz, skycastles, hemajang, and uncle jimmy. I think they did a killah job and am greatly appreciative of them taking the time to help entertain our WWE `ohana.

Please also give yourselves a hand for your active participation in the discussions. It truly helped to excite and inspire our guest bloggers and I’m sure they’re very thankful for it (trust, I know exactly how they feel when the comments start rollin’ in!). 🙂

Anyway, have a great Friday and weekend and I’ll see you back on Monday k? Back in full force yo… Well, at least after I dig my way out of the mountain of email that I know is waiting for me… 😉


In case ya missed it…

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Where In Hawaii is hemajang? – March 24, 2010 [Guest Blog by hemajang]

March 24, 2010

by hemajang

This restaurant was on our regular rotation of places to eat with work buddies. Haven’t gone there for a while because the last time we went, the normally grouchy lady (I’m being kind here) was having a really bad day and service was horrific, she practically threw our plates on the table and was very rude when taking our order. She wasn’t there today but in a weird way, I kinda like her direct local manner. Food is very good but getting pricey and average portions. Haven’t tried it but heard their oxtail soup is good.

(Ed’s Note: No idea who last week’s winnah was for kako mochi’s Oregon game, but congrats whoevah you wuz! 😛 I’ll update thangs for next week Wednesday, aftah I return. hemmz was generous enough to provide 2 pict-chaz this week so I took the liberty of “flashing” the second image in there for your viewing pleasure 8) )

Points for…
* Name of Location: 1 point
* Object hanging above cash register (not pictured): 1/2 point
* Name of enka singer we were listening to on the jukebox: 1 point

Where In Hawaii is hemajang? - March 24, 2010
Where In Hawaii is hemajang? – March 24, 2010

Hint: Ask the hemmz! 8)

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  • 18.5 – Coconut Willy, Takeshi
  • 16.5 – rayboyjr
  • 10.5 – kuya.d
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  • 03.5 – NaPueo
  • 03.0 – BananaFysh, M, Paco, HNL2LAS
  • 02.5 – Rosette
  • 02.0 – Scott, NeedaHobby, MakiSushi, hemajang, Syxx, jr.
  • 01.5 – pink lady, skycastles
  • 01.0 – Dave, David In Oregon, carokun, mcat, YN, Marvo, k15, getITon, Kage, miLL-viLLe, jack, frankie, Ynaku, Rodney, teej, BarbieQ!, kako mochi, ijiwarui, GumbysHorse
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* snow, Paco, Syxx, NaPueo, MakiSushi, pink lady, kuya.d, Takeshi, BananaFysh, tita leerz, Coconut Willy

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