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I hate you July 10!

July 10, 2005

July 10th, 2005 is officially my most hated day ever. It didn’t start all that bad though… It actually started off as a nice, little, peaceful day. The gang and I decided to hit the beach. The weather was nice and tropical, the sun was a-blazing, the ocean was wonderfully sparkly. All the ingredients to make a splendid day in paradise… or so you would think!

A couple hours into our relaxing day, Toad and I decide to catch some waves. Sounds like a good idea right? Ahh, NO! First, I end up with the boogeyboard with no leash. That’s ok… no problem… I’m used to it. My old board didn’t have one and the waves at Alamos weren’t that rough anyway. Besides, Toad could use the extra help. *grin* So we paddle/walk/paddle out to the breaks and everything is going good. I then try to get fancy and pull off an el rollo like the old school days. Well, I el rollo’d all the way into the reef. Haha! Well, it wasn’t that bad, but it was bad enough for me to lose my leashless board to the waves.

So, after any other wipeout with a ghetto, leashless board, I swam to chase it down. I was almost at it when scary music cued up and it got really cold and dark (like in the movies). The reef was right under me with about a foot and a half of ocean! Normally, that isn’t such a big deal, but then I tried to stand up.

I hate you July 10!YEOUCH!

Friggen Wana! At first I was like WTF? I didn’t see/feel any of this on the way out. I was just trying to get my bearings. Then, I told myself, ok, no big deal. It’s just one random patch. So I tried to get some footing again.


That’s when I decided to look down into the ocean. YIKES! I’m surrounded! The entire reef was COVERED with wana! There was absolutely nowhere to stand! So there I was, playing Mission Impossible in about a foot of water. By this time, Toad knew something was wrong and was helping me fetch my board (with his board with the leash mind you!), as he listened to me beg the wana for mercy. LOL!

Anyway, to make a long story short, the wana won (I even got some in the @$$!) and I crawled my way back to shore. Grantlau tried to pluck them out of both of my feet (not my @$$), but we decided to visit Mr. Lifeguard to see if he had vinegar we could pour on it. He did, so we did and that was that.

You would think that’s the end of the story wouldn’t you?


Later that night, we had a doubleheader playoff game. I could still feel the little pricklies in my feet, but nothing would stop me from trying to help my team make it to the semis. So our first game was against KGMB whom we previously lost to. We were on a mission and wanted to make a statement. We did. We came out firing and never let them in the game. In the second half, we had a comfortable lead and I was about to take myself out to rest for our more challenging game against the Honolulu Advertiser. On a freak play, KGMB’s Daniel Chinen tried to pass over me which I deflected in the air. I then jumped up to grab it and on the way down landed on Chinen’s foot. My right foot turned completely over as I screamed like a little girl and crumpled to the ground. In all the years I’ve been playing ball, that has never happened to me. And from what I hear, it’s a pretty bad one (nobody thinks “snap”, “crackle” and “pop” should be coming from an ankle).

So since I drive standard, I had to call pops to come and pick up my car after taking me to the ER. I had X-rays done, but it showed no breaks or fractures. Mellow, intern-like doc just said I had a severe sprain, sent me off and told me to rest it. DUH! To top off my already perfect day, I later found out that I missed out on some team drama which eventually led to our self-destruction and loss to the Advertiser. Sheesh, I leave our team for one second and look what happens. Haha! Anyway, that was my wonderful day and now you know why I hate you July 10!

Much love to Grantlau for
Much love to Grantlau for “operating” on my feet. Props to Hillsdale for the usage of her prized eyebrow tweezers. 😛

Me cursing out the wana as Grant goes to town on my feet.
Me cursing out the wana as Grant goes to town on my feet.

and den… just hours later…

My ankle was the size of a tennis ball...
My ankle was the size of a tennis ball…

Requiring me to have to ice the sucka.
Requiring me to have to ice the sucka.

My ankle was the size of a tennis ball...
The swelling made its way down to my foot. Lovely ain’t it?

My ultra sexy business attire (crutches, rolled up pant leg, one slipper and one shoe.)
My ultra sexy business attire (crutches, rolled up pant leg, one slipper and one shoe.)