What’s the Point of Conditioner?

Can somebody tell me what the heck conditioner is for?

The great Wikipedia defines Hair Conditioner as “a hair care product that alters the texture and appearance of human hair.”


Why do I want to alter the texture and appearance of my beautiful locks? I’ve also heard that conditioner softens and makes your hair more manageable.

Again, Hah!?

I’m a simple man. Alls I want is to clean my hair from the day’s dirtiness. Don’t give me an extra chore man.

Can somebody please unlock the mystery that is hair conditioner? Am I going to die without it throughout the course of my life? Will I prematurely go bald (*knock on wood*) or suddenly end up with dreads due to a lack of “texture altering” liquid? To me, it’s an extra three minutes in the shower, which is three too many if you ask me.

If you can convince me that it’s worth my while, I will begrudgingly give in and consider it. Thank goodness for the invention of the “shampoo plus conditioner” products out there. One time pau! Must’ve been a guy who invented that one yeah? 😛


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