UFC 61

So on Saturday, July 8, 2006, a bunch of us decided to head on over to Skybox Sports Lounge to catch the much anticipated UFC 61 fight, featuring the 3rd Tim Sylvia / Andrei Arlovski and 2nd Tito Ortiz / Ken Shamrock matchups.

I had a bball league game earlier that day at noon, where we lost another heartbreaker at the buzzer to TC Brigade. As soon as it finished, I took a shower and we were off to Skybox. Jon, who works there, was gonna hook us up, but needed 10 or more to save a table. The idea was that we would arrive super early (before anyone else) to save a table.

Since the parking is kinda bad around that area, we decided to find street parking near Blockbuster and Don Quijote (formerly Daiei, formerly Holiday Mart, formerly _fill in the blank_, etc.). On Saturdays, parking is for 2 hours max until 6PM. Since we were so excitable and there at like 2:30PM, I could only fill up the mater until 4:30, which meant I would have to miss part of the fight to come back and fill it up! D’oh! In any case, we did it and walked over to grab our seats.

When we got to the door, it was closed! We were too early! Haha! So to kill time, we went to the semi-recently opened Baboo Sky right there. After a few minutes, we went back and the door was open! Woo hoo! We’re in! So we meet Jon and he sets us up near the big screen. Much love Jon!

Soon thereafter, Dave shows up and we order up some of their yummy grub! Steak Fries, Fried Rice, Garlic Chicken, Chopped Steak… MMMM! By this time, it’s past 3:05 and I realize that the fights aren’t gonna start until 4:05! Double D’oh! It was sorta good and bad though… Bad because we had to wait so long, but good because I had a little window of time to refill the meter and not miss any action.

Anyway, 4:05PM finally arrives and it is time! It was exciting, but some of the fights were pretty lame. I think the first televized fight was Joe “Daddy” Stevenson vs. Yves Edwards. The story behind this fight was that Daddy cut a lot of weight to fight in Edwards’ weight class, so he was supposed to have the upper hand. Though there were a few moments when Edwards flashed his lethal striking skills, Stevenson eventually imposed his will and made Edwards bleed beyond belief. The doctor stopped the fight due to a HUGE gash on Edwards’ head.

Next up was Frank Mir vs. Dan “The Sandman” Christison. This was the most boringest thing I’ve ever seen. I was semi-excited for this fight as I thought Mir would come back with a vengeance to prove that the fight against Marcio Cruz after his motorcycle accident was a fluke. I mean this was the same dude who whipped both Tank Abbott AND current champion Tim Sylvia in the first round! WTH!? He was now a fat slob going up against another fatty in Christison, former The Ultimate Fighter Season 2 replacement fighter. Both were slow and winded by the time the 1st round ended. I wish they didn’t show this fight and showed my man Jeff “The Snowman” Monson’s fight instead. Bruddah is a beast!

The next two fights were fairly exciting because I am a big Josh Burkman (“The People’s Warrior”) fan and I wanted to see Tito Ortiz (“Huntington Beach Bad Boy”) and Ken Shamrock (“The World’s Most Dangerous Man”) just kill each other. I love the way Burkman just comes in to work. Josh “The Dentist” Neer kept jawing and showboating, but Burkman didn’t say one thing and kept doing his thing. The Ortiz fight went just as I suspected, though I don’t agree with Herb Dean’s quick stoppage. He could’ve at least waited for a few more of Ortiz’s elbow in Shamrock’s face to stop it.

Then, the last fight, the one where I thought Arlovski would just come out firing, turned out to be a sleeper. The once undefeatable monster in Arlovski looked timid and scared and careful and boring. I never liked Sylvia and thought he was awkward and was a fluke champion, but I guess I gotta give him his props now. Nice job Maine-iac…

Anyway, I guess I should get to work now. Thanks for listening. Click below for some scenes from Skybox, including their ono kine grindz. Check them out one day… (1700 Kapiolani Boulevard, Honolulu, HI. 96814, 808-956-1600).

UFC 61 at Skybox Sports Lounge

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