Weekend Festivities

So I had quite the eventful weekend this past weekend… On Friday, Benji planned an Oxtail Soup run at Kam Bowl (Kamehameha Bowl for you politically correct peeps) to be followed by bowling. Unfortunately, they had leagues running all night so the plan changed to eating the famous soup and then jetting over to Aiea Bowl to get our bowl on there.

The Oxtail Soup was yum as usual, but since I still didn’t send my camera in to get fixed yet (for all you Canon owners who have the black screen issue otherwise known as the CCD Image Sensor Advisory, click here for information on how to get it fixed for free!), I couldn’t take my usual barrage of food pics. Luckily for me, Noelle had her Sony camera handy so I borrowed it to take some yummy shots. As soon as she sends them to me, I’ll post them here and perhaps pen a special column on Kam Bowl’s famous Oxtail Soup.

Oxtail Soup from Kam Bowl
Click here for Photos

(as you can see, Noelle sent over the pics)

After eating, we drove over to Aiea Bowl to put our name on the waiting list. A little tip for you if you plan on bowling there… GET THERE EARLY! I believe they open to the public at 10PM. We got there a few minutes after 10 and found ourselves like 20th on the list! After waiting for two hours, we were tired so we bailed.

The next morning we had a YBA League game against Shock N’ Awe, which we won 53-46. Then, that afternoon, I had to head over to Bishop Museum to help prepare for Romeo and Jocelyn’s wedding. Getting together with the boys is always a hilarious good time. A wedding party with Tommy, Dics and Glenn as well as Randy and David? Hilarious! Coincidentally, Mark from Shock N’ Awe, the team we played earlier that day, was invited to the very same wedding. He works with Nicole, my wedding partner partner for the day. Small world!

On Sunday, I went 5-5 with a homerun in our Kailua softball game vs. St. Christopher. Finally broke out of my offensive slump! Then, at 7:30 that night, we faced last place KGMB for a very non first place vs. last place looking game! They were up and on it and gave us hard rubs. In the end, we came through and took care of bidness though! I think I had about 15.

Last night, I went over to Tommy’s to hang out before he heads back to Diego. I picked up 3 Chicken Cake Noodle plate lunches from the Waipio L&Ls for Tom, Glenn and myself. Then, when I was at the window, Dics calls in his order. Unfortunately, it was a tad late, so I swung by Jack in the Box next door and picked up a Jumbo Jack combo for him. It was like no time had passed… Made me reminisce the old days when I used to live on the Wes’Side and we used to all hang out all the time! Fun times!

Apologies if the grammar and probably spelling is whack. I’m kinda rushing (so I can get outta here) and also still trying to figure out how I’m going to use this blog thing. Am I going to document each and every little event in my life (which I think will bore everyone) or will I just make quality posts at random intervals? Should I just re-publish what I do for other sites/media or start a regular column all its own? Lots to think about, but so far customizing this blogging software to do what I want is pretty fun. I think I won’t really start to figure things out until I start getting visitors though. For now, this is my own little sanctuary where random thoughts, photos and whathaveyou are posted and read by myself and perhaps one or two other friends. Fun times! LOL!

No worries, it’ll get better. I promise…

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