Fave Five Friday – Hawaii’s Worst Roads

Following up on last week’s fairly active topic of Hawaii’s Worst Parking Lots, let’s go with the next logical topic: Hawaii’s roads. I bet we’ve all got our strong opinions on this one eh?

So goh’on! Post your choices in the comment area below. Hurr’s mine!

  1. Anywhere on H1 during rush hour or when there’s an accident – Gaaaaaaah! I have no words.
  2. Piikoi Street – trying to catch this to get to Lunalilo Street to get on the H1 Westbound is B-A-N-A-N-A-S!
  3. Lunalilo Street– missing lights because of baboons blocking the intersection from Piikoi. D’oh!
  4. Kalanianaole Highway – not so much for the traffic, but because of the traffic lights. I remember when I used to make this drive to town and I counted the number of lights. It was insane (in the membrane). Like 20 or 30 something!
  5. Hana Highway– sending some love to the neighbor islands. 😛 This one only because it’s so windy (not the air kine windy) and crazy l’dat and when you get stuck behind one slow drivah… PAU!

While we’re on the topic of roads, who in the heck thought that that onramp off University Ave (eastbound) was a good idea!?!? First of all, in order to merge onto the H1, you have to go like 0-60 in 2.8 seconds. Plus there is an exit (University) right after your onramp. Bad planning I tell ya! I digress.

I know I’m missing a lot. Chime in below willya!?

Happy VHO7V Friday and have an awesome lonnnnnng weekend k? Shoots!

P.S. I know it’s a little late (I just download the pics), but mad props to local boy Brian Viloria (@BrianViloria) for successfully defending his IBF light-flyweight title by defeating Jesus Iribe by unanimous decision in a 12 round war. Check out the pic and action packed 12th round video below.

Brian Viloria
Brian Viloria

Brian Viloria vs. Jesus Iribe

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