FREE Movie Pass Giveaway: Pineapple Express – WINNER!

Congratulations goes to liane for being the lucky winner to my FREE Movie Pass Giveaway: Pineapple Express contest for her hilarious stoner story.

i never got stoned, but my friend did when she was in high school… she did it that one time and never again since. five years later, i’m pregnant at her house and dying for snack. and i find brownies she made. knowing she hasn’t done weed in YEARS, i still was ultra paranoid to eat them, more so because i was pregnant and didn’t want to have stoner baby. i spent 20 minutes trying to wake her up to find out if the brownies had weed in them. she thought i was crazy and ON WEED myself to even believe that she would make those kinds of brownies. i thought she was on weed b/c it took me 20 minutes to get a straight answer out of her. it got to a point where i was yelling, “is there weed in the brownies!!! i’m hungry for a snack but i don’t want to get high!!!” maybe that’s lame, but it was hilarious to me.

She joins JMAW and Miss Pris as the 3rd winner to these oh so exciting giveaways:

Please help me congratulate liane y’all!

Oooh, is tomorrow Where in Hawaii Wednesday awwwready? *grin*


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