WWE is Three!

(I was sooooo tempted to title this “WWE is Tree!” LOL!

So our World Wide Ed `Ohana turns three tree today. Can you believe it!?

There’s been a lot of changes in all of our lives, no doubt, but at least one thing has remained consistent… ME! Ahahaha, nah, nah! I no like da attention today. It’s because of you guys that this blog has gone as long as it has. Your comments and warm wishes motivate me to keep going even though I stay tired sometimes. LOL!

Anyway, let’s take a look back at our inaugural post, and the following two anniversary posts…

In other news, word has it that Catherine Toth (The Daily Dish) will be making a reappearance to the Star Advertiser here soon. Not as a daily blogger, but as a weekly columnist. Read all about it here: “The Daily Dish moves on“.

Maybe that means she’ll be bringing back some of our O.G. `ohana members? *grin* And speaking of that, I heard that there is a possibility of all blogs and columns merging together on the same server and domain so it’s 1) easier for you faithful readers to find us all in one place and 2) easier for the S.A. folks to manage/maintain. Cross your fingers! 🙂

Shoots den! Here’s to the next year peeps! *KANPAI!*


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One Response to “WWE is Three!”

  1. Where In the Hawaii is Edward Sugimoto? – May 4, 2011 Says:

    […] to errrrone who wished WWE a happy 3rd last week! Sooo sorry, I’ve been late on my replies here lately, but WIH Wednesdays is always on time […]

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