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Eat Local This Week!

September 27, 2010

Eat Local Challenge In an effort to bring attention to Hawaii’s food system and sustainability issues, Kanu Hawaii is asking all of us again to make a difference by taking the Eat Local Challenge. Starting yesterday and continuing through this Saturday, the challenge asks participants to eat only locally grown foods. Currently, more than 75% of our food is imported from out of state, which accounts to over $3 billion that is not being spent here. If barge and air freight to Hawaii were to be interrupted, our islands’ food supplies would only last 14 days. Eat Local aims to bring awareness to this issue and hopes to in turn, strengthen our local food system as a result.

Eating Local doesn’t necessarily mean going to your local eatery and ordering your favorite plate lunch though. Much of what is on that plate may not even be locally grown. The challenge is to find, buy and eat foods that were only grown here. Not exactly an easy task. Thankfully, there are participating markets and restaurants offering special “local” dishes for the week:

  • Zippy’s Restaurants – Loco Moco with Local Ingredients
  • Town Restaurant – Menu Item with All Local Ingredients
  • The Counter, Kahala Mall – Local Ahi Burger
  • Big City Diner – Menu Item with Local Ingredients
  • Hilo Bay Cafe – Menu Item with Local Ingredients
  • Kale’s Natural Foods – Discounts on “Eat Local” Items
  • Foodland – Week-Long Menu & Shopping List
  • Whole Foods – Eat Local Events In-Store
  • KTA Superstores – Specials on Locally-Grown Items
  • Kokua Market – Coupon for Local Deli Item
  • Umeke Market – Local Kim Chee Burger

For more information, please visit:

I was not paid nor was I even asked to write about this. Just thought it was an important issue that we all need/should be aware of. So what do you say gang? You gonna help support this worthy, and frankly necessary cause? What are your ideas on supporting our local products and economy? Holla!

See you out and about this week! 🙂


Survey Thursday: Favorite Zippy’s?

May 14, 2009

When the answer was revealed during one of our previous Where In Hawaii contests (which was Zippy’s), it was suggested by kuya.d to do a Survey Thursday around that particular topic… So… hurr we are…

We’ve all got our favorite Zippy’s. Our “home base” if you will. This be yo chance to sound off and represent. So without further ado… *clears throat*

Chicky chicky check if your school favorite Zippy’s is in effect – Represent! LOL!

Growing up in H.K. during those “hard core Zippy’s years”, Zippy’s Koko Marina was probably the one I identified with the most. It could’ve been the lunch-pick-up on the way to the beach, the dinner-pick-up on the way home from school/work, the midnight thang after chillin’ at the homey’s crib, or, even the 2AM-er after a long night of shooting 9-ball at Brian’s/Shark’s/Velvet’s (LOL!)… We’d be there. Some close seconds would be the McCully one (that’s usually where the “scenery” was at), and the Kahala one (new and on the way home).

Since Zippy’s is so much a part of all of our cultures, we shouldn’t just limit this survey to locations. What say we open thangs up and share our favorite Zippy’s story/stories as well as our favorite Zippy’s dish(es) while we’re at it? Bonus question: Which Zippy’s have you NOT been to (click here for help or here’s a list: Ala Moana, Dillingham, Ewa, Kahala, Kailua, Kaimuki, Kalihi, Kaneohe, Kaneohe (William Henry Road), Kapahulu, Kahului, Kapolei, Koko Marina, Makiki, Mc Cully, Mililani, Nimitz, Pearl City, Pearl Ridge, Vineyard, Waiau, Wahiawa, Waimalu, Waipahu, Waipio)? I’ll start:

Favorite Zippy’s: Koko Marina (for sentimental reasons)
Favorite Zippy’s Story: I actually applied for Zippy’s back in da high school days and got rejected! How you figgah? Well, I did get called in to their main office for an interview, but never received that final call back… so that is kinda like getting rejected right? So shame! Ah, das ok, I got a higher paying job where I got to eat poke all day (seafood department at Safeway) so it all worked out. 😛
Favorite Zippy’s Dish: Zip Min
Zippy’s Location(s) I’ve Never Been To: Ewa, Kalihi, Kaneohe (William Henry Road location), Kahului, Kapolei, Waipahu. Just 6 out of 25? Not bad at all… 8)

Go get um yo!

Results from last week (Wireless Carrier Survey)

  • AT&T: 9 (DA WINNAH!)
  • T-Mobile: 8
  • Verizon: 7
  • Sprint: 5

Happy Survey Thursday… Woo Hoo it’s almost TGI(F)F!

Oh yeah, for you old older peeps, here’s a blast from the past (70’s) that you might enjoy! No offense! 😉

For those more my age, hea’s a classic (starring Jade Moon). If you’ve never seen either of these two videos, zip it! 😛

My thoughts and prayers go out to hemajang and the Yoshida family during this difficult time… 😦