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Wedding Entrance Video – Full Version

August 18, 2009

I know, I know… I’ve probably mentioned or blogged about our wedding like 4 billion times now already, but I swear… this will be the last time! (I think). 8)

The other night, we had some peeps over and caught the amusing footage of our reception entrance dance from our wedding DVD, and it got me thinking about that mysteriously popular video that I posted on Youtube a couple months ago (now over 381,000 views). Since our videographer was too far away and everybody stood up to greet us for the walk in, that 3GP cameraphone video that my friend Chris took is the only proof we have of us dancing (along with some stills).

The problem with that video though, is that it’s only a short clip of the wifey and I, and just a small sampling of everything that had happened before. You see, the wifey and I basically strong armed the shy wedding party to do a little dance (and get down tonight) against their will so I wanted to give them theirs for their willingness to embarrass themselves and just have fun.

Sooo… I thought I’d try to piece something together with whatever content I could muster up: that cameraphone footage, video from the DVD, still photos, (whatevahz!) and see what I could come up with. The video below is the result. Not bad for a rookie video editor if I do say so myself. 😛 Enjoy!

AND… With all this fun I’m having now with the video editing ack-shone, you’ll be able to see my handiwork again this Thursday when I post my “Q&A with Shane Victorino” blog (where he answers some of your questions)! Stay tuned!

Talk to me!
* Besides us of course 😛 which dance did you like the best?
* Which song do you like the best?
* Have you seen wedding entrances like this?
* What did you like/not like about um?
* As a member of a wedding party, were you ever strong armed to do something you didn’t want to do?
* Any other wedding party horror stories?
* Will you do this at your up coming wedding?
* Feedback on the rookie editing? Tips/Suggestions for next time?
* If you have any questions about any of the wedding vendors below, just ask!

Mahaloz to:
* The stars of the show… our wedding party: Bari Carroll, Grant Lau, Janine Nakatani, Kelvin Ogata, Noele Kajiwara, Jennifer “Shorty” Nishiki and Tommy Baniqued.
* Bruddah Bryan (Emcee)
* Brian Ebisui (DJ)
* Vince Shin and Sharmil Elliott of Love Story Weddings (Photographers)
* Greg Ventura of Advanced Visual Arts (Videographer)
* Chris Kanemura for the 3GP video from his phone

Wedding Entrance Video

July 30, 2009

Not exactly sure why, but the teeny 3GP video I uploaded to YouTube a while ago has been getting some crazy action lately (215,026 views as I write this), so I thought I’d share… (My guess is that it’s linked as a “Related” video to one of dem viral wedding videos out there).

Sorry for the short post, but these end of the month deadlines have been killin’ me! I hope to have some really exciting news for all y’all on Monday. Stay tuned!

P.S. Props to Chris Kanemura for the video (from his phone)!