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[VIDEO] Where In the Hawaii is Edward Sugimoto? – May 23, 2012

May 23, 2012

Stay tree weeks in a row now fo da video versions of WIH and I still no can tell if you like this bettah den da photos. LOL!

I think I have at least 5 or so more videos left to go through (unless I shoot more) so if you’re tired of the moving stuff and wanna go back to the still stuffs, no worries, it won’t be much longer… Hehe!

For the 3 of you who read my food articles from the other sites, I’ve actually used this clip before. Let’s see if any of you can figgah um out!

Video #1

Where In the Hawaii is Edward Sugimoto? – May 23, 2012

Points for Video #1…
* Best “Lucky you live Hawaii” caption: 3 points
* Favorite memory/story from here: 2 points
* Location: 2 points
* General area: 1 point
* Closest street(s)?: 1 point each
* Google Street View link (if get)?: 2 points
* Popular item(s) on menu?: 2 points
* Month video was shot?: 1 point
* Day of the month video was shot?: 1 point
* Day of the week video was shot?: 1 point
* Year video was shot?: 1 point
* Exact time video was shot?: 5 points

Scoring Update (Last 5 weeks)!

5/16 5/09 5/02 4/25 4/18
7 – carokun
2 – che
4 – Paco
2 – Coconut Willy
8 – Coconut Willy
5 – Paco
3 – carokun
4 – kuya.d
2 – Kage
5 – Coconut Willy 4 – Paco
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Please “Like” (my sister’s) Island Movers Page on Facebook

As some of you may know, the sister recently changed careers from her post as Hawaii News Now’s Crime Reporter and occasional Anchor to her new position as the Director of Communications and Public Relations for Hawktree International. One of her initiatives is to bring new life into the Island Movers Facebook page (Island Movers is one of the many entities of Hawktree International), so I ask you, oh wonderful WWE `ohana, please help a brutha and “Like” a sistah’s page k? ūüėČ Here’s a quote from her:

“Please “like” our Island Movers FB page & I will be eternally grateful. Here’s the link…
…and if you’re planning a move, you know who to call. ūüėČ Mahalo!”

Island Movers on Facebook
Island Movers on Facebook

Weekly VH07V T-Shirt Update!

This week’s “Spotted” shot for VH07V was taken at the final home game at Les Murakami Stadium when the University of Hawaii Rainbow Warrior baseball team took on the Nevada Wolf Pack. My brother-in-law had choice seats behind home plate and just so happen to be wearing his green VH07V shirt as OCSportsTV televised the entire game live! Pretty cool huh!?

VH07V at Les Murakami Stadium
VH07V at Les Murakami Stadium

VH07V at the Big Boys Toys & MMA Hawaii Expo next month!

Just another reminder that I’ll be at the Big Boys Toys & MMA Hawaii Expo on June 15, 16 and 17 at the Blaisdell. Come visit my booth and say hi k? I’ll have choke New VH07V Products, so come holla! Here’s the action-packed schedule for that weekend’s festivities.

Big Boys Toys & MMA Hawaii Expo schedule
Big Boys Toys & MMA Hawaii Expo schedule

As always, a big mahalos to everyone for your support and for helping to spread the VH07V! 8)

Mahalos Ynaku!

And finally… I wanted to send a quick mahalos to bruddah Ynaku who so generously gave me this box of cookies from Big Island Candies when I met him for the first time IRL yesterday. On top of that he gave me a cute Dora the Explorer bag for my daughter and bought a VH07V shirt to boot! Wow, what a guy! It’s times like these that make me so happy to be able to share this blog space with you guys! Although we may not know each other personally, I honestly feel like we are part of one big family. Mahalos for always tuning in gang!

Big Island Cookies omiyage from Ynaku
Big Island Cookies omiyage from Ynaku


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Have a happy VH07V Wednesday y’all! Shoooots!


Happy Birthday to WWE-eeeeee!

April 28, 2009

A year ago to the day, the world was fortunately unfortunately exposed to the mind of me, and I hereby apologize.

You see, the peeps at the ’tiser opened thangs up for me in the backend *snicker* and shortly thereafter, the first ever World Wide Ed blog (to the Advertiser community) – simply entitled “Aloooooha!” – was born (in the USA)!

Things were slow at first, as I tried to find my place amongst the big dogs *woof WOOF* like Stephen Tsai’s “The Warrior Beat,” and Catherine Toth’s “The Daily Dish,” but eventually, I found my virtual footing and carved a cozy little niche out for myself and you fun, faithful readers.

Hoooo! I can’t believe it’s already been a year! *wipes away Visine induced tears* As some of you mentioned in yesterday’s blog, time really does fly when you’re having fun eh? It still amazes me that there were¬†THAT many topics to write about on the daily. Sure, I did miss¬†a few days here and thurr due to travel, holidays, and a little thing called a wedding, but for the most part, I was pretty on top of it wouldn’t ya say?

In fact, if my math is correct (and don’t truss’ me ’cause I suck at math), I probably wrote about 261 posts, give or take a few.

365 (days in the year)
– 104 (weekend days)
= 261 actual week days of possible WWE blogs

OK, I checked out our backend *snicker* and saw that I actually posted 200 fitty blogs! (I tol’ you my math sucks!) Either way, I think that’s quite a feat if I do say so myself. *bends over and waits for a pat on the back* (*snicker*)¬†In theory, if I continue this blog on that torrid pace for the next 30 years of my life, I would’ve bored you to tears with 7,500 posts! Seventy five HUNNY!


Don’t be.

It’ll be all good in the ‘hood going forward. Trust.

I think I’m finally getting the hang of this. No more posts about nails, my broken mandible or MMA. I heard you (or rather, I didn’t hear you at all in the comments) loud and clear. Jeez, and it only took me a year to finally get it! Ha!

Mahalos to each and errry one of you for reading. E Komo Mai to those coming by way of seeing my spooky face in today’s paper. Whether you’re new and this is your first hit of WWE, or you need to be sent to WWEA pretty soon, I send mad love to you! Please continue to read and post your feedback in the comment area. That’s really what keeps me going. I love reading and interacting with the `ohana we got goin’ on here. You guys are the ones who make this blog fun for me! Keep it up yo!

Talk to me (Help a brutha improve WWE)!

* What was your favorite post?

* What was your least favorite post?

* What do you want to see more of? Less of? (Be honest, I can takeum!)

* What’s missing?

* How can I improve?

* What prompts you to want to comment/participate?

* Hints for future posts?

* Some of your favorite WWE memories/highlights of the last year?

* What’s the biggest thing that happened to you in the last year?

* What do you hope to do in the next year?

Here are my answers. Post yours below k?

* What was your favorite post? – The Fun Day Monday: You Know You’re Local If… post cause we made triple digit history with that one son! LOL!

* What was your least favorite post? – The MMA Television Programming posts because it took like FOREVER to put together and nobody ever commented on it. ūüė¶

* What do you want to see more of? Less of? – More comments, less low comment counts. ūüėČ

* What’s missing? – Guest posts. Will try to get more of y’all involved with posts of your own for us to dish on.

* How can I improve? – I’m all ears!

* What prompts you to want to comment/participate? – ditto the above

* Hints for future posts? – Yes please. 8)

* Some of your favorite WWE memories/highlights of the last year? – the appearance and disappearance and reappearance of Chicken Grease (he was actually my first ever commenter, and it was a positive one at that. In fact, it was so good that it jump started my drive to make this place good), giving away free movie passes to readers like JMAW, Miss Priss, and¬†liane, talking high school supremacy shmack with frankie, celebrating the Phillies’ World Series victory with uncle jimmy, starting and growing the Where in Hawaii series (and being flattered by a¬†few copycats 8) ),¬†scratching my head at Helen‘s ridiculous comments, the funny wedding jokes and videos like the Best Man Blunder Video, making up nicknames for all of you, the thank yous for my periodic PSA posts, the turning point from single digit daily comment counts to double digit daily comment counts¬†(woo hoo!),¬†assigning roles (hunter, chef, law enforcement, etc.) on our desert island, the birth of Scott‘s boy, standing up to tita leerz (and getting pwned! in the process),¬†brightening the start of your work week with Fun Day Mondays, getting my blogs¬†hijacked for totally unrelated topics ūüėõ , the moderation bot’s strange rules/flags,¬†kuya.d‘s successful “Prom Songs” guest post, the “Good Morning”‘s from M, the lowdown from the female perspective from snow, NeedaHobby, skycastles, kako_mochi, kate, YN¬†and mcat, the sage lecturing¬†advice from hemajang, MakiSushi, Coconut Willy,¬†Kage¬†and Kel Sr. (and jr.), the humor of¬†Ynaku, bB, and rayboyjr, the periodic appearances of Dave, Syxx, BananaFysh, S Ticket,¬†che, zzzzzz, Lose Money,¬†soogs, miLL-viLLe, EMM386, HNL2LAS, Paco, Takeshi, MoOgooGuypAN, L, and Bre,¬†being the first ’tiser blogger to break the Susan Boyle story, collecting names for our future WWE Fantasy Football league, seeing new faces come out of lurk mode, learning what VHO7V meant, and much more! Keep the memories a-comin’!

* What’s the biggest thing that happened to you in the last year? – Hands down, da big dance, fo shizzle.

* What do you hope to do in the next year? – Plan and take an RV trip, interview more Hawaii celebs (BJ Penn, Shane Victorino, Colbie Caillat, holla atcho boy!), etc.

Thanks again for sticking with me for the last year. Here’s to another 7,250 or so y’all (yeah, I used a calculator for that one… whut!?)! Hehe, Shooooots!