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Reasons to Dump

October 5, 2009

I just re-read that title and it sounded a bit crude… AND… that is exactly why I left it as is. Only high quality stuffs here after all. 😛

But before you think I’m some sorta mongrel, lemme explain.

I recently read this article: 11 Reasons He Dumped You and thought it might be a good way to get us a talkin’. Author Rich Santos listed 11 reasons why he dumped previous girlfriends as a rebuttal to a Women’s Health article he read on the very same topic (from the female perspective).

In a nutshell, they were:

  • I Got Bored
  • One of Us Was Too Serious
  • Burnout
  • I Was Tempted To Cheat
  • All My Friends Broke Up With Their Girlfriends
  • Divergent Lives
  • Feeling Selfish
  • I “Misread” My Feelings
  • My Friends Or Family Didn’t Like Her
  • I Took Her For Granted
  • She Was Too Negative

Since we gots the luxury of both men and women up in hurr, maybe we can have some friendly ribbing about this topic. 8)

So here’s the dealio. In the comment area below, post the number one reason why you’d dump someone and let’s see if the reasons for the ladies match the fellas.

In case you were wondering, my number one reason would be dishonesty. Once you lose the trust of your partner pau. K, your turn yo! 🙂