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[VIDEO] Where In the Hawaii is Edward Sugimoto? – May 23, 2012

May 23, 2012

Stay tree weeks in a row now fo da video versions of WIH and I still no can tell if you like this bettah den da photos. LOL!

I think I have at least 5 or so more videos left to go through (unless I shoot more) so if you’re tired of the moving stuff and wanna go back to the still stuffs, no worries, it won’t be much longer… Hehe!

For the 3 of you who read my food articles from the other sites, I’ve actually used this clip before. Let’s see if any of you can figgah um out!

Video #1

Where In the Hawaii is Edward Sugimoto? – May 23, 2012

Points for Video #1…
* Best “Lucky you live Hawaii” caption: 3 points
* Favorite memory/story from here: 2 points
* Location: 2 points
* General area: 1 point
* Closest street(s)?: 1 point each
* Google Street View link (if get)?: 2 points
* Popular item(s) on menu?: 2 points
* Month video was shot?: 1 point
* Day of the month video was shot?: 1 point
* Day of the week video was shot?: 1 point
* Year video was shot?: 1 point
* Exact time video was shot?: 5 points

Scoring Update (Last 5 weeks)!

5/16 5/09 5/02 4/25 4/18
7 – carokun
2 – che
4 – Paco
2 – Coconut Willy
8 – Coconut Willy
5 – Paco
3 – carokun
4 – kuya.d
2 – Kage
5 – Coconut Willy 4 – Paco
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Please “Like” (my sister’s) Island Movers Page on Facebook

As some of you may know, the sister recently changed careers from her post as Hawaii News Now’s Crime Reporter and occasional Anchor to her new position as the Director of Communications and Public Relations for Hawktree International. One of her initiatives is to bring new life into the Island Movers Facebook page (Island Movers is one of the many entities of Hawktree International), so I ask you, oh wonderful WWE `ohana, please help a brutha and “Like” a sistah’s page k? 😉 Here’s a quote from her:

“Please “like” our Island Movers FB page & I will be eternally grateful. Here’s the link…
…and if you’re planning a move, you know who to call. 😉 Mahalo!”

Island Movers on Facebook
Island Movers on Facebook

Weekly VH07V T-Shirt Update!

This week’s “Spotted” shot for VH07V was taken at the final home game at Les Murakami Stadium when the University of Hawaii Rainbow Warrior baseball team took on the Nevada Wolf Pack. My brother-in-law had choice seats behind home plate and just so happen to be wearing his green VH07V shirt as OCSportsTV televised the entire game live! Pretty cool huh!?

VH07V at Les Murakami Stadium
VH07V at Les Murakami Stadium

VH07V at the Big Boys Toys & MMA Hawaii Expo next month!

Just another reminder that I’ll be at the Big Boys Toys & MMA Hawaii Expo on June 15, 16 and 17 at the Blaisdell. Come visit my booth and say hi k? I’ll have choke New VH07V Products, so come holla! Here’s the action-packed schedule for that weekend’s festivities.

Big Boys Toys & MMA Hawaii Expo schedule
Big Boys Toys & MMA Hawaii Expo schedule

As always, a big mahalos to everyone for your support and for helping to spread the VH07V! 8)

Mahalos Ynaku!

And finally… I wanted to send a quick mahalos to bruddah Ynaku who so generously gave me this box of cookies from Big Island Candies when I met him for the first time IRL yesterday. On top of that he gave me a cute Dora the Explorer bag for my daughter and bought a VH07V shirt to boot! Wow, what a guy! It’s times like these that make me so happy to be able to share this blog space with you guys! Although we may not know each other personally, I honestly feel like we are part of one big family. Mahalos for always tuning in gang!

Big Island Cookies omiyage from Ynaku
Big Island Cookies omiyage from Ynaku


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