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Play-By-Play for My Wedding

November 22, 2008

If you’re bored today, you catch the play-by-play for my wedding here: 

Much love ‘Reens!

Wacky Weekend of Wonder

November 3, 2008

Friday was Halloween so I went to work dressed as a copper, see. Since I’m cheap (and too lazy to think of two different costumes), I also used the getup for when we went out that night, see. Throughout the day, people thought I was either Lt. Jim Dangle from Reno 911the Cop from the Village People, or just some sukebe cop, see.

Note to self (and others): don’t be a cop again! 😛

Sukebe Copper with the Golf Foursome
Sukebe Copper with the Golf Foursome

Sukebe Copper with the Goulish Gang
Sukebe Copper with the Goulish Gang

Then came Saturday, my day of bachelor-related festivities.

First, my old KHET buddies took me out to Dave & Buster’s for a pseudo “Last Days As a Single Guy” celebration. Much love y’all!

KHET Rugrats
KHET Rugrats

Then, the future brother-in-law and gang took me out for bachelor party #2. I wish I brought my camera with me on a night filled with beer, gun shooting, drunken karaoke, 16+ shots and a performer named “Strawberry,” (who looked eeringly similar to bruddah Derrick LOL!), but I was able to snap a few hangover shots from the back of BOL’s truck the next morning.

Hangover Photo
Hangover Photo

All in all a fun weekend. Thanks errone for helping me celebrate. Not sure how serious she was, but my friend Noreen mentioned something about Twittering my wedding… That would be interesting now wouldn’t it? LOL!

Talk to me!
* Lt. Dangle, Village People or just plain sukebe?
* What did you dress up as for Halloween?
* What did you do that night?
* Are you like me and use the same outfit for work and going out?
* Did anything special on Saturday night?
* Would you be the least bit interested in following a Twitter at my wedding?

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