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Fave Friday – Yo Momma!

May 28, 2010

Sorry peeps. Shmall kine slammed these days with the new gig and err-thing, but I’ll start by posting an image that kuya.d emailed me (probably cause it resembled my awesome art skills from last week Friday). Hehe!

Dude! Did You Gain Some Weight?
Dude! Did You Gain Some Weight?

Talk to me!
* Let’s stick with the jokes theme and post your favorite cut downs below. If you dare, you can even do “Yo momma” jokes (e.g. “Yo momma’s so fat, people jog around her to get exercise!”) Bahahaha, I still like that one.
* Surprisingly, nobody guessed Wednesday’s location yet, so let’s continue the guessing today. (Hint: it’s in Kailua!)
* Thoughts on American Idol results?
* Gonna miss Simon Cowell?
* Thoughts on Ron Artest’s buzzer beater and the Lakers’ narrow victory.
* Thoughts on the Magic/Celtics game today?
* Looking forward to Sex and the City 2?
* How about Eclipse (Twilight saga)?
* Prince of Persia?
* Rampage or Rashad?
* Weekend plans?

Holla! 🙂

Happy VHO7V Friday gang!