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This Is How We Do: Haircuts

June 2, 2009

Let’s try our hand at another episode of “This Is How We Do…”

Last time, we shared our stories (good and bad) about our bathroom habits/rituals. Some (ok just me), worse than others. This week, let’s chat about something most of us gotsta do on the regular… chop the ‘do!

I’m easy. No fancy salon for me. Supercuts all the way. Cheap, easy, convenient. The only problem is that I’m like a rich, ugly bachelor. I can’t keep a girl to save my life.

I swear I’ve been through about 10 “stylists” since I’ve started going there years ago. Every single time I think I have a winnah (knows exactly how I like my hair cut), she moves to another location and out of my life forever.

Dear Supercuts, can you please stop transferring your peeps all ova da place. It would be greatly appreciated. Love, Ed.

OK, so I’m not really playing the game. Alright, alright… This is how I do: Haircuts…

* Make da call – I call my local Supercuts and pray to the heavens that the last stylist who cut my hair is still there…
* Rejoice – if she is
* Get Frustrated – if she’s not
* Hurry up and wait – it ain’t no secret. The time of your appointment is often not the time you sit in that high chair. I’ve learned to book earlier than I arrive or just expect to wait later than my scheduled time.
* Explicame por favor – for once, I’d like to say just sit down and say “gimme the usual,” but with their high turnover rate, I always have to explain what I want. It doesn’t help that my hairstyle has changed many times over the years and I’m never sure what I’m going to request each time. LOL!
* Product placement – I try to find the cleanest part on their counter to place my shades and Aloha Shirt (if I come straight from work). If not, I just hold um with me.
* Sit and pray – since it’s usually a new stylist, I just sit and pray and hope that she can get relatively close to what I’m axeing for.
* Shut the peepers – sometimes, to avoid the awkward face-to-face stares (this also works at the dentist’s office), I will close my eyes when she snips the front of my dome. Sharp things moving around my eyes is but another reason I shut the blinds.
* Make Me Thin – I have a tricky spot on the top left side of my noggin’ that is thicker than the right side. Most times, I have to request the stylist to thin this portion out even more so that both sides look even.
* Shake, rattle and roll – since I wanna minimize the amount of hair that falls in my car and at home, I try to shake my hair/head/clothes to get as much hair off of me as possible.
* Walk of shame – well, only if it’s a bad haircut. 😛 If it’s a good haircut, the walk to the register is not all that bad.
* Tips welcome – I pay for the cut and then I give the stylist my usual 20%. Sometimes more, or sometimes less, depending on the damage or masterpiece they’ve created. 🙂
That’s pretty much it. Where do you guys get your hair cut? What kine cut you get? How much do you pay? Any other odd rituals?

Most importantly however… how do YOU do?

P.S. Kimbo’s joining the cast of The Ultimate Fighter. Woah!

Valet Gone Wild

May 11, 2009

Is it just me or am I the only one DEATHLY afraid of valet service?

I’m not sure if I’ve been “trained” by my pops to despise them (he always tells me “don’tu you evah do balet you know” in his Japanese accent) or if it’s because of personal experience (the surf racks on the top of my ride was totally destroyed by some valet goon), or both, but to this day, I avoid valet service like the plague.

[back story]
So about 5 or so years ago, I had to park in some random building for a meeting and the only option was valet. D’oh! The meeting went well and all was fine until *dun dun DUNNNNN!* I got back to my car. For some reason my surf racks were in my back seat as they were trying to send me off. I was like “oh no he di-ENT!”, parked the g-ride, got out of my car and asked them what was going on. The imbecile valet guy was like “oh, no, nothing, they just fell off on their own so I put them in your car for you.”

I was then like, “C’mon, be serious!” as I started to examine the dents in the roof of my car. He continued to deny it, saying they just fell off. Getting nowhere, I just asked for the manager and the name and contact info for the owner of the parking structure. Months later, I was finally able to get them to admit it and have their insurance company take care of the damages. But for me, the (psychological) damages were already done.

Fast forward to today.

I think I’ve gotsta be the most paranoid/anxious person in the world when it comes to valet service. I can’t speak for all valet drivers, but I’m guessing a good number of ’em, frankly, my darling, just don’t give a damn. It’s not their car, it’s just a part time job, and most of the time, they’re in a freakish rush.

A ding in the bumper here, a scratch on the mirror there… What I can’t see won’t hurt them is what they’re probably thinking. From what I hear, these bad boys make REALLY good pay (with the tip) too. The least they could do is care about my car right?


On a random side note, don’t you get shmall kine irraz when there’s balet service in a parking lot that certainly doesn’t need it!? I can park my car right there *pointing* and get it after dinner right there *pointing again*… yet, the valet dude insists that it’s valet only just so he can get his lousy tip from me.

Double Grrrr…

Am I just being a crazy, paranoid, schizophrenic or are there other peeps out there who share this same sentiment? Please holla at cho boy if you’re with me. 8)

Talk to me…
* Are you just as paranoid as me?
* Got horror stories of your own to share?
* Wanna dare name your least favorite valet spots? Most favorite?
* How much do you usually tip?
* Are you from the valet world? Give us some perspective from your side? Is this all a common misconception?
* Are you more careful with nicer cars? Less so with beat-up ol’ jalopies
* Is it true that you guys make mad bank?

Hijacking topics
* How did you spend your mother’s day weekend?
* Did you Star Trek it up?
* Damn you Glen Davis (and Boston)!!!
* R.I.P. Chuck Daly

Happy Monday y’all! Have a great week!