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Online Dating Follies – from the Male Perspective [Guest Blog by S-Ticket]

March 19, 2010

by S-Ticket

So, I guess I’m up to bat representing da boyz after tweetpeep22‘s take on dating.

My story is probably a bit different from hers, I was in a long term relationship for 8 years and took a 2 year break from dating before I finally decided to “get back in the saddle”. Its always been hard for me to meet “available” women on my own or through my friends (most of my friends, as well as their friends were no longer single) so I decided to take the big plunge into online dating… .

It’s been 2 years since that fateful decision and I’ve tried a couple of the major dating sites, and Eharmony. These two sites are dramatically different in the approach they take towards how you get to meet your “soul mate”, and I’ll go into more detail later. If I were to have a preference, it would have to be Eharmony, because even though it’s more pricey, it just seems that there are more women on the site that are serious about dating.

The Sites

Eharmony ($49.99 per month, although there are discounts for longer term memberships) claims to match you scientifically based on your answers to a fairly long survey. You have no control over who is matched with you, but you can choose to initiate communication with the matches the site selects for you. You may set your criteria for distance (in or out of state, in or out of country, they even have a match selection for Kyrgyzstan!), education, whether smoking or drinking matters to you, and other such criteria. Eharmony also offers “Free Communication Weekends” every so often where you can communicate with matches for free during the weekend (only you can’t see the other person’s picture, but you go through the “process”).

The communication process is broken down into 4 steps 1) closed questions – you ask your match 5 multiple choice questions of your choice. 2) Must Have and Can’t Haves – you choose 10 characteristics that your match must have and 10 characteristics that your match must not have. 3) Open ended questions – you get to ask 3 short answer questions of your match. Then finally 4) You get to send a message to your match and you begin open communication.

As I mentioned earlier, the matches on Eharmony just seem more open to communication than those on Match, but my guess is that, it’s because signing up for the site’s membership takes a bit of a commitment of both time and money. is more of what you’d expect out of a dating site… simply put, you look through your matches and then select who you want to communicate with. Membership is free, if you just want to post a profile… .but you won’t be able to communicate with your matches unless you sign up for membership. The price will run from $34.99 a month to cheaper if you sign up for a longer membership. There is no questionnaire but rather the site will ask you to describe yourself (standard stuff like height, ethnicity, body type… really what is the difference between “A few extra pounds” and “thick”?) It also asks what your interests are. Unlike Eharmony, the site doesn’t choose your matches for you… rather, it’s a free for all and you get to just go in, read profiles and choose. There is no guided communication steps, rather, you just send a match a message that you’re interested, and you wait for her response. A friend of mine called this site a “meat market” since when you’re browsing through profiles, you just see row upon row of pictures.

From my experience, seems to have a lot of women who range between 25-35. I’ve also heard a lot of complaints from my guy friends that women on don’t really respond to their attempts to communicate. I found this true as well, a lot of women didn’t respond, also a lot of the women I met through this site weren’t really sure about what they wanted (serious relationship… just dating kind of thing etc… ), so it was a bit frustrating for me.

S-Ticket’s Advice For Online Daters

  • Post Pictures – While everyone would like to believe that looks don’t mean much, not posting pictures is a sure way not to get any responses in online dating. A female friend told me “not putting up pictures is kind of a sign of insecurity, and always makes me think twice about communicating with them”
  • Keep your profile positive – Avoid things like putting yourself down, even if it’s in joke… another friend of mine told me that nothing turns her off more than seeing a profile in which the guy is either ranting or putting himself down.
  • Don’t think you’re the only one contacting her – Both Match and Eharmony will match you with multiple people. Also according to an ABC News article, said their membership is 59% men and 41% women… so you can be pretty sure that the person you’re communicating with is probably communicating with other guys as well. Vice versa, you’ll probably be communicating with multiple women as well. Just make sure that if you meet the person, you’re up front about it, if you’re not up front… just remember Hawaii is too small a place to pull things like that. I once met a woman on, who in addition to dating me, was dating another guy… which is fine, but, she lied to the two of us saying she wasn’t seeing anyone else… eventually a mutual friend figured out we were seeing the same woman… and to make it worse… she’d text the other guy or me after going out on a date with the other person. It bred bad feelings and eventually we confronted her about it. She chose the other guy, and she is still seeing him from what I hear.
  • If you’re not interested, at least let her know – Be up front, if a woman communicates with you and you’re not interested, show some respect for her and just send a short message thanking her but say that you’re not interested. For both me and a couple other guys I knew, it would be disappointing but at least you’d have some respect for a match for at least saying she wasn’t interested. But many women on the site won’t even respond to you (granted this could be because they’re not members and just signed up to “take a look around”), but it still doesn’t feel any better. So remember if you don’t like that, have some courtesy and don’t do it back to them.
  • Finally, be Patient – If you don’t hear back from a woman or if you don’t have any matches, just be patient. With the number of people signing up each day you never know who you might get matched up with tomorrow. Also even if you’re not getting any responses, just keep trying. I had my fair share of rejections and no responses, but I was also able to meet a few wonderful women, who even though weren’t the “right one” have become good friends.

I decided to take a little break from dating about a month ago and cancelled my Eharmony subscription (my subscription was tossed shortly after the multi-dating incident about a year ago). Dating is rough, and although looking back now, a lot of the stories seems funny now, back when it was happening, it really wasn’t and the rejections did get pretty painful. But I was able to learn a lot about myself from these experiences. Maybe I’ll do the online dating thing again later, or maybe not… but I still haven’t lost hope in finding “the one”. I guess it’s like Michael Buble says in his song… “I Just Haven’t Met You Yet”. Anyway, thanks for reading!

So now tell me…

So what’s been your experiences in dating (doesn’t have to be online)?

Any opinion about Online Dating?

Any Horror stories?

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