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Fave Friday: Sports

April 9, 2010

First thing’s first. As an MMA fan, I would be remiss if I did not mention tomorrow’s big UFC card that will showcase two of our very own, local, Hawaii boys: Hilo’s BJ Penn and Maui’s Kendall Grove.

World Wide Ed
Local Boys: Lightweight Champ BJ Penn (left) and Middleweight Contender Kendall Grove (right)

Lightweight champ BJ Penn (remember him?) will be defending his belt against top contender Frankie Edgar, while middleweight standout Kendall Grove will take on wrestler Mark Munoz. See bottom for all the details.

A-ight with that outta the way, let’s get today’s Fave Friday show on the road. Now I know the title says “Sports”, but for those of you who aren’t big fans of the stick and ball kine games, feel free to list “Activities” like hiking or swimming, etc. Here’s my list:

Fave Sports to Watch:

* Baseball – Sooooo happy the 2010 season is under way again! Go “pills” right uncle jimmy? 😛 Don’t know what it is, but I could just sit there and watch a whole game without getting bored at all.
* MMA – I used to be all crazy widit and watch every second of every event, but now, with limited watching hours in my day, I pretty much just focus on the UFC, WEC and some Strikeforce events with spot watching of the other ones like Bellator. Even then, I fast forward through the boring fights. I really do miss HDNet and their MMA coverage, especially with Dream. BTW, while we’re on the topic of MMA and local boys, don’t forget to support Brad Tavares who is reppin’ Hawaii on this season’s cast of the Ultimate Fighter, Wednesday nights at 7PM on Spike TV (Oceanic Cable 559 or HD 1559).
* Basketball – Orlando’s my team, but I’ll watch good matchups sometimes. UH is fun watching live, but it’s been really depressing the last few years. 😦
* Football (I guess) – only to follow my fantasy players. LOL! Live games at UH are fun too, but I like the tailgating more! 😛
* Boxing – used to watch a lot, until MMA came along and killed it! RIP. 😉

Fave Sports/Activities to Do:

* Snowboarding – snowboarding is life. Period.
* Jiu Jitsu – don’t get to roll as much as in the past, but the cognitive part of it is soooo interesting to me.
* Baseball/Softball – my first sport ever = my first love.
* Basketball – played a lot of hoops in high school and college, but kinda slowed down later in life. I should get back into it again.
* Swimming – ever since training for the Tinman, I’ve been itching to get back in the water on the regular. Not only is it a good workout, but you get a mean tan to boot.

So what sports or activities do you like to watch/play? Holla!

In other sports-related news, what do you think of Nike’s new commercial with Tiger Woods, using his dad’s voice as the narrative?

Tiger Woods’ Nike Commercial

Just got shown the new 3-D Channel on Oceanic Time Warner Cable channel 1217 and, lemme tell ya, it looks pretty mean! If you have a new HD 3-D television set, pop on your 3-D specs, turn them on, and tune to channel 1217 to watch some cool, On Demand content – including coverage of the Masters – in crystal clear 3-D. I sound like an infomercial don’t I? 😛

World Wide Ed
Masters Content in 3-D from Oceanic Time Warner Cable

UFC 112 Details

UFC 112: Invincible is being held on Yas Island all the way in Abu Dhabi so it will actually air live at a strange 7AM hour for us here in Hawaii, on Oceanic Time Warner Cable’s channel 701 or HD 1701. Hurr’s the official poster:

World Wide Ed
UFC 112 Poster

… and here’s sistah Bel showing some love for our local boy BJ Penn:

World Wide Ed
Bel Kissing the UFC 112 Poster

If you’re not a fan of waking up early on Saturdays, Oceanic will be re-airing the fight card at 10AM, with an afternoon airing at 4PM (re-aired at 7PM). Just select the time that works best for you. Click here for streaming UFC 112 content or here for ordering information.

K, pau! Sorry. Commercial ova. Have one awesome Friday and weekend gang, and I’ll see you on Monday K!? Shooooots!


Tinman Quick Tips

July 28, 2009

OK so I was obviously a bit MIA yesterday (and Friday for that matter). Apologies… your boy was busy healing his wounds from “competing” (and I use that term lightly 😛 ) in the 2009 Tinman Hawaii triathlon.

Gonna (hopefully) blow this out into a full-blown article on, but until then, I wanted to share some tidbits for those of you who are interested in “competing” in the near future. Enjoy! 

Still in good spirits on Heartbreak Hill at the 2009 Tinman Triathlon
Still in good spirits on Heartbreak Hill at the 2009 Tinman Triathlon

 * Get ready to invest – if you’re a “newb” like me and going in from scratch, be prepared to shell out some pretty pennies in order to get the party started. Bicycle (mountain bike doesn’t count!), helmet, tri-shorts (specially padded swim trunks that are waaaay too tight), no-blister socks, goggles, water bottle, water bottle holder, miscellaneous bike tools/kits, etc., are just some of the things to think about. And that doesn’t include the $80-100 entrance fee.
* Take it serious – unlike the marathon, there are a lot less “just for fun” participants, as made obvious by my finishing rank! LOL! Being fairly athletic and in reasonably good shape does not equal Tinman success. Not training seriously will not only be dangerous to your health, but frustrate the bejesus outta you (when your muscles don’t agree with what your mind is telling them).
* Train! – I would recommend training each activity/concentration successively, in addition to individually. In other words, it’s good to swim until the cows come home, but you should follow it up with a bike and then a swim. Yes, on the same day.
* Be prepared for rough surf – Before the race, someone told me that the waves were expected to be 3-5 that morning at Queens. Not sure if that was true, but there was definitely a bit of washing machine action going on. Rough water swimming in the ocean is A LOT harder than flat water swimming in the ocean or in your local pool fo sho.
* Buy a good bike! – thanks to my great friend who shall remain nameless, Bari thought it would be a good idea to buy a bike from a Craigslist ad. 8) Come to find out the puppy was from Walmart. Um yeah. So even when I was flying it at full blast on the highest gear, everyone continued to whiz right by me. WTH!?
* Hydrate, esp during the bike portion! – there are NO aid stations during the 20 something mile bike portion of the race. Be sure you have a water bottle or two filled with your favorite fluid.
* Be prepared for a sore bum – after sitting on a teeny seat for that long, your butt and “special areas” (if you’re a man) will undoubtedly get sore. I’m just sayin’.
* Be careful on the bike dismount – if you didn’t train properly (or even if you did!), when you dismount your bike, be aware that your legs will be J-e-l-l-o. This happened to me as well as my unnamed friend Bari, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there were actually some who ate it coming off of the bike.
* Transitions, transitions, transitions! – Our transition times were just plain ridiculous. Streamline your in-between time to shave precious minutes off your time.
* Don’t take pictures – unless you’re a dedicated blogger extraordinaire (like me) 😛 , don’t stop to smell the roses. Taking mental notes and photos during this race is not a good idea for your finishing time. Lesson learned.

So thar ya have it! I hope this helped at least a little. A special Mahalo to M for the pre-race tips!

Now that the first time, just-for-fun itch is under the belt, there is no doubt that I will take it VERY seriously next time and own it the next time around.

Talk to me!
* Any tri-ers or racers in general have anything to share with the WWE `Ohana?
* Did this blog make you the tad bit interested in possibly racing the Tinman one day?
* If you were to judge yourself, would you say you’re strongest at swimming, biking or jogging?
* Is there anything that you’d like to accomplish one day? What’s on your bucket list?