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Traffic Safety – Rules of the Road?

June 23, 2009

So the niece – armed with her relatively new permit – has been practicing her drivin’ around town. The process for getting a license is (thankfully) much harder these days so she has to do this practicin’ action for a few more months.

I’ve been driving, what, for *cough* years, so I’d like to think that I’ve got a pretty good grasp on some “good-to-know” tips for the newbie driver. Wanted to send a feeler out to all y’all as well and maybe, with enough feedback, I could send this on over to the niece to help edumacate her before she hits the open road.

What a thoughtful uncle right? 😛

K, so here’s mine. Add yours below won’tcha?

* When turning right at an intersection, pay particular attention to the car in front of you first. Make sure he/she is gone before proceeding.

– I know, I know… speeding, using your blinkers, and the more logical safety tips would’ve been more handy, but in my experience, this seems to be a very common mistake that we tend to overlook. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen or heard about cars rear-ending the car in front, thinking they’ve cleared the way before punchin’ it. I would say worry about that car in front before even looking to the left for oncoming cars to merge into.

So wot peeps? What other “must-knows” can we arm the niece (and our other young drivers out there) with? Holla!

Fave Five Friday – Traffic Pet Peeves

September 26, 2008

Thought I’d give y’all a break from the wedding fave fives and mix things up a bit this week son. Let’s do pet peeves, but not just any pet peeve, traffic related pet peeves. Oh yeah! I can see all of your minds spinning. Relax tampax! We’re not in traffic right now. No need get all habuts. Just think about um, no need re-live um! 🙂 Anyway, check um out and post yours below k?

  1. Tailers – I go at a reasonably brisk pace already (ok, I speed!) so for somebody to tail me means they’re really flyin’! What’s worse is when both lanes to the side of me are wide open and they continue to follow me. I slow down just to irritate them more. Too bad so sad.
  2. Turtles (in the fast lane!) – Even more irraz if they are oblivious to their surroundings (they don’t realize how much traffic they are holding up behind them). Worse when the only lanes open are clogged up by slow drivers going the exact same speed.
  3. Parking lot buffoons! – This is when people go to their car, get in, turn their engine on, and then never come out! Meanwhile you’re waiting for them to come out for ages. What do you do? Honk? Rev your engine? Go back and forth hoping they’d see you. Worse when they have their reverse lights on this whole time!
  4. Slow Cutter Offers  – It’s one thing to cut you off, but it’s another to cut you off and then go slow. And these aren’t the punk types who do it on purpose. These are, again, oblivious peeps, who don’t know how to change lanes in the flow of traffic.
  5. Chatty Fatties – Idiots who talk on their cell phone and let it effect their driving (slowness, swerving, etc.). Let’s be honest, we all talk on the phones while driving, but at least we don’t forget how to drive. I personally use an earpiece so both of my hands are free to use the wheel (plus I won’t burn my brain with radiation 😛 ).
  6. Smokestacks/Litter Bugs Me – Had to add this one in cause it’s annoying too. Smokers who hang their arms out the window and waft their stinky fumes into my car. Also litterers (is that a word?). I can’t stand seeing someone toss junk out their window with disregard to everyone but themselves.

Sorry if you are one of these cause I just called you a name. Haha! Give it back to me by posting your comments below man. Shoots!