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Sierra Wireless IG2 Unboxing Video: You, Party of Eight

October 5, 2011

Sharing your connection with 5 of your friends is so 2010.

Recently, Oceanic Time Warner Cable, along with the rest of the Time Warner Cable regions, released the Sierra Wireless IG2, the 2nd coming of the wildly popular personal mobile hotspot device called the IntelliGo.

Where USB-type devices wirelessly connect individuals to the Internet while on the go, these hotspot type devices utilize WiFi technology so you can share your connection with now up to 8 friends.

Here’s a cool unboxing video of our newest device:

Sierra Wireless IG2 Unboxing

So what are you waiting for? Sharing is caring. Gather your 8 closest friends and party like it’s 1999 2011! They’ll be glad you did.