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Photos for the Slideshow?

July 31, 2008

It was recently suggested by C. (to-tha) G. that I talk more about the wedding stuffs since I am (as many of you may be) going through it at this very point in my life. So I thought I’d feel all y’all out and give it a try.

As somewhat of a computer guy, now is the time when things start getting interesting (I’ll explain below). We’re down to the wire, and up until now, I’ve pretty much been a spectator/supporter. The lady has been taking on a lot of the load (props to her!). Things like flowers, centerpieces, her wedding dress, the bridesmaids’ dresses, cake selection, tsuru (crane) folding, etc. I’m your typical guy: “anything is fine.” (Notice how I didn’t say “I don’t care” future husbands to be? *grin*)

In any case, why am I now starting to pay attention? It’s getting to the juicy portion of the show. With a decent amount of computer skills, I can come in handy when it comes to things like the customization of the invitation, or the slideshow. Verrrry interesting. *rubbing hands together*

Hence this post.

How does one narrow down the photos for the slideshow?

I was told that 30 per section is the norm:
* 30 for you (which includes individual shots growing up, with friends and with family)
* 30 for the lady (ditto)
* 30 together

How the heck?

With this age of digital photos, I must have like a billion photos to choose from for the slideshow. It doesn’t help that I’m a slight (ok mayjah) ham when it comes to making faces in photos. And since the idea is to entertain your guests with funny/memorable photos, how on earth are you supposed squeeze these in?

Talk to me!
* Anybody have any tricks up their sleeves on how to select the right photos?
* Got any funny wedding slideshow stories to share?
* Got any wedding slideshow horror stories to share?
* As guests, what kinda photos do you like to see?

Help a brutha out! Or the following may have to make the cut! 😛

Rear Naked Choke!
Rear Naked Choke Son! (the sister’s gonna kill me! *grin*)