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Where In (the) Hawaii is Edward Sugimoto? – March 6, 2013

March 6, 2013

Sorry for not posting last week Wednesday y’all. In addition to getting owned at work with all kine corp visitors coming in and out, I went out of commission with a stomach flu. 😦 And even though I’m coughing with shmall kine congestion now, my fingers can still move so this post will not be denied! Haha!

Is everybody’s March going a-ok so far? I hope so! I got one month left in my body fat loss competition with friends. This sickness probably didn’t help (I haven’t been able to work out for more than a week now), but hopefully, I can get back to it soon. Anyway, here are this week’s pics! Hopefully, none are repeats. LOL! Good luck!

Photo #1
Where in Hawaii is Edward Sugimoto? - March 6, 2013
Where in Hawaii is Edward Sugimoto? – March 6, 2013

Photo 1) Wea Dis Stay? ________________________

Photo #2
Where in Hawaii is Edward Sugimoto? - March 6, 2013
Where in Hawaii is Edward Sugimoto? – March 6, 2013

Photo 2) Wea Dis Stay? ________________________

Photo #3
Where in Hawaii is Edward Sugimoto? - March 6, 2013
Where in Hawaii is Edward Sugimoto? – March 6, 2013

Photo 3) Wea Dis Stay? ________________________


Out of thousands of entries, two of Hawaii’s brightest developers (Ryan Kanno and Austen Ito) were selected to be a part of this year’s StartupBus tour. Their mission? To develop a cool new startup during their bus ride that will debuted at SxSW in Austin Texas! Now that they’ve arrived and are in waiting mode before their projects ( & are judged, they’re looking to make the biggest social media impact while there. If you could help me support them by going to this link: and leaving a comment, they may have a chance to win that award too!

On a side note, both Ryan and Austen will be calling in to Burt Lum and Ryan Ozawa‘s Bytemarks Cafe Radio Show later today to update Hawaii of what they’ve been up to. Tune in to Hawaii Public Radio (web), KIPO 89.3FM (radio) or on Oceanic Time Warner Cable channel 865 (TV) from 5pm-6pm if you have some time! Gooooo Ryan and Austen!

@ryankanno and @austenito representing at this year's @TheStartupBus
@ryankanno and @austenito representing at this year’s @TheStartupBus


This week’s “Spotted” shot features Bruddah Bryan from the Skinny Hawaiians. He is wearing a Blue/Green VH07V Logo colorway during the Skinny Hawaiians’ visit with Jana Park at Kakaako Kool to learn more about the art of shaving ice.

Shave Ice in Hawaii – Learning How to Make Shave Ice at Kakaako Kool

Weekly VH07V Updates!

* Other than hats (currently running low on some of them), I think I finally have a decent stock of inventory. Whew! Let’s see how long that lasts. 🙂

* Although the sales have been going pretty good for the new stuff like the moisture wicking polo) and the “Shaka” designs, I’ll probably start looking into releasing a few new style/designs, including the ballot-winning one below, in the coming months.

Winning VH07V design
Winning VH07V design

* Super stoked to announce that VH07V has been selected as one of only 10 crafters to get into this year’s SPAM Jam festival in Waikiki taking place next month (Saturday, April 27 @ 4pm-10pm). Come on down and visit us at the booth k?

VH07V will be at this year's 11th Annual Waikiki SPAM Jam!
VH07V will be at this year’s 11th Annual Waikiki SPAM Jam!

* Get all of the latest VH07V gear at:


As always, a big mahalos to everyone for your support and for helping to spread the VH07V! 8)

Have a happy VH07V Wednesday y’all! Shoooots!


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New Video for Hawaii Self Storage featuring Chad Owens

Here’s a remixed video Hawaii Self Storage recently released featuring former UH standout and CFL world champion Chad Owens, whom they interviewed prior to him going OFF last season! Which reminds me… I’m supposed to try and line up an interview with him too. Start thinking of questions to ask him if ya got um. 🙂

“Chad Owens (Grey Cup Champion Version)” – Hawaii Self Storage


Seven Things Meme

January 26, 2009

Bruddah Ryan recently tagged me in his “Seven Things Meme” blog, which basically obligated me to return the favor.

What the heck is a meme you “axe”? Yeah, that’s exactly what I “axed” myself. So I looked da buggah up. Basically, it is a term used to describe a joke, link, digital file, video clip, etc. that spreads quickly from person to person via the Internet.

The thinking behind posting it up in hurr (on WWE), is that it would also be a good way for us to get to know each other a lil’ better. You can read my “Seven Things” meme, and then post your own seven in the comment area below. Hopefully, it’ll help our WWE `ohana get to know each other just a little bit more. So let’s get this party started… Right!?

1) I dig on A Capella music.

There’s just something about perfect harmony that makes the hair on my neck/back stand up.


Not quite sure when this began, but it’s just something I do. Any handwriting analysts out there? 😉

3) My favorite brand name is eS. Duh!

It’s the hardest brand to find, but when I do, I go at it.

4) I am OBSESSED with Virus Buster from Brain Age 2.

The wife and I literally play this practically every day. We skip/breeze through the real brain exercises just to get to it. This YouTube video shows a guy happy to have a high score of 2059. Puhlease. Talk to me when you get in the 6,000s. *grin*

5) Rice and me get along (very well!).

For the amount of rice I down at errry meal, I’m surprised I’m not a sumo tori or competing in the Biggest Loser competition! Rice Rice Baby!

6) I could be quiet and soft spoken, or loud and obnoxious.

Just depends on the situation I guess. Who I’m with, where I’m at, how much I’ve had to drink… 😛 The last one was a joke (sorta), but am I alone on this one y’all?

7) I get thrilled (and feel proud) when people from Hawaii “make it” big.

Shane Victorino, BJ Penn, Barack Obama, Tadd Fujikawa… You name it, Hawaii’s got um baby!

Well, there ya have it. Info you probably could’ve lived without. But now it’s your turn. Post 7 odd/interesting/random/fun tidbits about yourself won’tcha?