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Road Rage

May 16, 2008

This morning I had to laugh at myself for being a hypocrite in traffic. No ack though, I bet you all do this too!

Anytime there is a known merge from one lane to yours, it is a battle between you and the car next to you. The unwritten rule is to go every other car in zipper formation. Sometimes however, the lane merging in is empty and there are always those speeding cars trying to beat the backup and cut in at the last second. If you’re the car they’re trying to beat, doesn’t your foot suddenly get heavier on the accelerator, while saying to yourself “Um, I don’t think so!”?

So this guy did that to me this morning and, because of his momentum, he was able to get in.


To add insult to “injury” bruddah didn’t even wave or gimme some love. Da nerve!

But then I thought to myself, what a hypocrite. I’m sometimes the guy in the right lane doing that very same thing. I always give a half hearted wave, but still, I “cheat” like them too.

C’mon, am I the only one who does this or should I be chastised for driving “intelligently”? 😛 Talk to me!