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Hawaii Five-0 & American Idol Chatter (4/19/11) #H50

April 19, 2011

You like how I combo-plattered dat one yeah!? 😛 Das cause I know I could (potentially) get da fans of both Hawaii Five-0 AND American Idol to chat with me down below. I know, I know, shmall kine desperate, but whatdaheck… We go geev um one try anyway! 😉


Ho’opa’iWhen a crime lord moves against the family of an undercover NYPD detective who infiltrated his organization, it’s up to Five-0 to stop the policeman from exacting revenge.

As usual, there was active and amusing #H50 chatter last night on Twitter to go along with the show. Some notes on the show for us to talk about today:

  • Hilarious how Kamekona referred to SPAM as “the Hawaiian steak” and “the nectar of the islands”! But wea’s da SPAM Musubi gundtfunnit? LOL!
  • The return of the ridiculous Waiola Shave Ice ad on McGarrett’s cast. I wonder how much they paid to get on the show??? And how da heck do I get that kind of exposure for Oceanic Mobile up in the heezy? 8)
  • What did y’all think of Puff Daddy’s/P Diddy’s/Diddy’s/Diddy Dirty Money’s/Sean Combs’ acting? Needs work ah? 😛
  • And how about those Kia hamsters in the commercial? Cute or annoying?

Just a reminder, next week’s episode is a rerun, but the following 3 weeks should all be new episodes to close out this first season! Woo hoo!

American Idol – Top 7

Here are my notes this week on the American Idol (Top 7) Contestants. Add comments for your favorites below!

  • Casey Abrams – Wasn’t too fond of his last performance. Didn’t quite get it. And what was with the standing O from the judges?
  • Haley Reinhart – Hopefully, she rebounds with a better performance this week or Lauren may be the only wahine left.
  • Jacob Lusk – I like that he’s trying to sing songs straight forward nowadays, but still not too fond of his style.
  • James Durbin – Turned me off a little with his attitude towards the mentors last week, but gotsta give him props for standing up for what he believes in.
  • Lauren Alaina – Looking forward to another awesome performance from my favorite to win it all!
  • Scotty McCreery – Gotta give him credit for keeping his ego in check as of late (or at least acting like it for TV). His singing (or maybe song choice) is picking up too.
  • Stefano Langone – Here’s one whose ego has gotten the best of him. He’s my prediction to leave this week.

Aloha means goodbye:

My picks for the Top 3 finalists are:

  1. Lauren Alaina
  2. Casey Abrams
  3. Karen Rodriguez

Shooooots! Have a good one y’all!


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