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Fave Friday: Hawaiian Treat (Desert Island Edition)

April 23, 2010

It’s been a while, but let’s take a stroll back on memory lane and buss’ another Desert Island game/survey. Y’all know how it works so I won’t get into too much detail explaining it, but fast kine, these are things that you just can’t live without if stuck on a desert island, like, for-EVA.

Today’s Desert Island item: “Hawaiian Treat”.

You can interpret “treat” howevah you like cause it could be anything from food to a foine female (or handsome hunk), but the rule is that it’s gotsta be “Hawaiian”.

* Poke would be the easy/expected answer from me, but after 5 straight months of non-stop poke-ing, as well as yesterday’s news about salmonella poisoning, I’m gonna mix things up and not be so predictable (for once). 😛

Hmmm… I really like Haupia and Kulolo, but I think I’d get large (and in charge) eating that errry day. I LOOOOVE Lau Lau, but I wonder if I’d get tired of it after a while… I guess then, I’d choose:

* Chicken Long Rice.

It could pass as a soup dish, a noodle dish, AND a chicken dish… enough to keep me interested at least for a little while I think. Oh yeah, and

* Primo Beer and an ukulele

Those count as “Hawaiian” right?

* What are the “Hawaiian Treats” you’d bring to our Desert Island?  If you say a “Hawaiian” genie in a bottle with three more wishes, I’m gonna die. 😛
* Thoughts on yesterday’s NFL Draft? How did your team do? Thoughts on Tyson Alualu at #10? Am I the only one who thinks Tim Tebow will prove his doubters wrong?
* Thoughts on the NBA playoffs? Isn’t Kevin Durant just a beast!? Feel sorry for Portland? (First Jordan, now this?)
* Thoughts on Roy Halladay’s even-better-than-expected, awesome start for the Phills?
* Thoughts on Jeremy Lay leaving the UH Men’s Basketball program and all of the other activity coach Gib Arnold is up to?
* Gonna order WEC’s first PPV event: Aldo vs. Faber? Who you pickin’? I say Aldo still. Also, not sure if they’re gonna air it, but don’t forget to root for local boy Brandon Visher on the undercard.
* Any exciting plans for the weekend?
* Did you see Brian Kownacki and his Fordham Flip?

I think we’re gonna be helping wifey’s friend with wedding stuff as well as possible house hunting/browsing this Sunday. If you own or know of anyone who owns a reasonably-priced crib in town (Oahu), holla! WWE special discount? 8)

Happy VHO7V Friday! Have a good weekend y’all!


Fave Five Friday – Drinks

April 24, 2009

Buy me drinky drinky?

I could’ve sworn we covered this topic already in a previous Fave Five list, but looking back at the archives, I don’t see it, so hurr we goooo!

Personally, I’m-a-gonna have to make separate lists ’cause my favorite drinks differ based on when and where I yam. OK, let’s do this!

At the crib:

  1. Water – We filter ours using one of dem Brita water pitchers from Costco. Now that’s what I call high quality H2O. 😉
  2. Apple Juice – Those 1 gallon, two-packs, again purchased from Costco. YUM!
  3. Vitamin Water – We used to tank these often, but it got expensive real quick. Speaking of which, aren’t their new commercials just hilarious! They even have a fake microsite! Classic!
  4. Calpico – Pops won a whole case in a golf tourney so wifey and I took a bunch home with us. The Aloe flavored one is not as bad as it sounds and is actually pretty good, FYI.
  5. Primo – She go with poke right after work!

In the Club:

  1. (Almost) Anything on draught – Can’t go wrong with the stuffs straight from the tap
  2. Heiney – I used to like it better when I was the only one in the club green bottling. Now, errone is doing it which kinda sucks. 😦 Gotta switch it up now. Good thing I hardly go clubbing anymore. Ha!
  3. Orange Juice – when I don’t feel like boozing it up, I go O.J. Figgah it’s cheap and somewhat healthy (good way to get my Vitamin C).
  4. Jack and Coke – anything with Coke is a go.
  5. Bud Light – tastes like water, but when there’s nothing else… Can’t forget to send a shout out to Corona for nostalgia’s sake. Makes me remember back to a time when drinking it with the lime wedge at the old Oceans on Thursday nights was cool. LOL!

Dining Out:

  1. Water (with a straw) 😛 – sometimes the taps/pitchers/cups at the joints I go to are questionable.
  2. Coke (with a straw) 8) – I usually get this when I go to the places above. Figgah, they can’t contaminate the Coke dispenser too can they? Hehe! Coke goes well with burger and fry kine places no?
  3. Asahi – any time I go to a Japanese restaurant, this is a guaranz ballbaranz! Just goes with the food. Oh, and green tea too.
  4. Authentic-tasting Nippon Green Tea – see above
  5. When in Rome… – I like to change the brand of beer I drink, depending on where I am. Tsingtao at Chinese restaurants, Corona at Mexican restaurants, Singha at Thai restaurants, Moretti at Italian restaurants, etc.


  1. Pocari Sweat – drink of choice when walking/running around the muthaland.
  2. Anything Hawaiian Sun – pretty much everything in their lineup is onos.
  3. Ito En Natural Fruit Teas – Mmmm, but kinda expensive at Stan Sheriff! 😦

So what say you? Post your list(s) below a-ight? Happy VHO7V Friday folks! Be safe and have a nice, fun weekend k? Shoots!

P.S. Any kiddies out dea reading… remember… no drink until you stay of age k? 8)
P.P.S. Any social drinkers out dea reading… remember… drink responsibly… no drink and drive k?