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Box Full of Memories

August 24, 2009

So all day Friday and all day yesterday, I had to help the ‘rents clean up/organize for an up coming garage sale. Their neighbors were having one so they (the ‘rents) thought it would be a good idea to piggy back on that and have one of their own as well. Granted their crib has become a storage facility of sorts (hey, their house is bigger 😛 ), and loads of the junk in their garage is probably mine, but to have me slave over boxes and boxes of random stuff from my elementary school days!? (OK, ok, I know… it IS my responsibility…. das why I wuz dea! 😉 )

As I went through these boxes, memory after memory kept appearing before my very eyes. Old cassette singles or “mixes” of songs that marked a certain point in my life, old birthday/graduation cards, yearbooks, and even photos and letters from yesteryear. If I had any kind of emotion, I may have actually shed a tear or two. 8)

(BTW, you know you’re a product of the Internet when you look at old school photos and tell yourself, “That would be classic on Facebook!”)

One of the funniest things was reading what my friends wrote in my yearbook, er, actually how they wrote it. We used to talk so differently back then eh?

“Wuz fun having you in my [insert class name here] class!”

“Stay cool!”

“Have one good summah!”

“K-den, see you next year. Frenz fo-evah!”

Ahahahahaha! Those made me almost cry (with laughter that is)!

But the more I read, the more I cherished the friendships I have – to this day – with all of them. We’ve been through a lot and will continue to go through more “for-evah”!

K, before I get too mushy on y’all let’s get to the part where I ask for your feedback.

Talk to me!
* Share one or more of your favorite memories from back in the day.
* First crush?
* First car?
* Favorite hang out?

Mine would have to be when “the boys” were all single and looking to mingle. LOL! We thought we were all bomb, cruising Waiks in our hand-me-down car, complete with body kit and boom in the back. Then we’d hit up Tower Records before heading to Brian’s to shoot some pool and play Street Fighter. After unsuccessfully meeting quality girls, we’d go to Zippy’s late night, before heading home. Then, we’d call each other on the Wonderphone and do it all over again. When we were older, we’d replace Waiks and Tower Records with work, Brian’s with Oceans, and Zippy’s with Zippy’s. Awww… those were the days. 😛

What say you?

Photos for the Slideshow?

July 31, 2008

It was recently suggested by C. (to-tha) G. that I talk more about the wedding stuffs since I am (as many of you may be) going through it at this very point in my life. So I thought I’d feel all y’all out and give it a try.

As somewhat of a computer guy, now is the time when things start getting interesting (I’ll explain below). We’re down to the wire, and up until now, I’ve pretty much been a spectator/supporter. The lady has been taking on a lot of the load (props to her!). Things like flowers, centerpieces, her wedding dress, the bridesmaids’ dresses, cake selection, tsuru (crane) folding, etc. I’m your typical guy: “anything is fine.” (Notice how I didn’t say “I don’t care” future husbands to be? *grin*)

In any case, why am I now starting to pay attention? It’s getting to the juicy portion of the show. With a decent amount of computer skills, I can come in handy when it comes to things like the customization of the invitation, or the slideshow. Verrrry interesting. *rubbing hands together*

Hence this post.

How does one narrow down the photos for the slideshow?

I was told that 30 per section is the norm:
* 30 for you (which includes individual shots growing up, with friends and with family)
* 30 for the lady (ditto)
* 30 together

How the heck?

With this age of digital photos, I must have like a billion photos to choose from for the slideshow. It doesn’t help that I’m a slight (ok mayjah) ham when it comes to making faces in photos. And since the idea is to entertain your guests with funny/memorable photos, how on earth are you supposed squeeze these in?

Talk to me!
* Anybody have any tricks up their sleeves on how to select the right photos?
* Got any funny wedding slideshow stories to share?
* Got any wedding slideshow horror stories to share?
* As guests, what kinda photos do you like to see?

Help a brutha out! Or the following may have to make the cut! 😛

Rear Naked Choke!
Rear Naked Choke Son! (the sister’s gonna kill me! *grin*)