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Fave Five Friday – Shopping Web Sites

December 19, 2008

Withu Kurisumasu right around za corner (yes, I still have the accent from my Japan trip), I figured dat dis one might be a good one to buss’ out this week. We go tryum!

Ed’s Picks:

  1. – one stop shopping – dey got errthing over hurr!
  2. – gadgets galore!
  3. – for your boarding buddies out there
  4. – for your favorite computer nerd
  5. – have never shopped here, but I hear the prices are good!
  6. Oceanic Marketplace or AroundHawaii Shopping – might get scoldings if I don’t mention these. 😛

All you supah-dupah late Christmas shoppers out there bettah appreciate! 😉 Have a happy Friday y’all!