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Fave Friday – Body Parts

May 21, 2010

Now before you go thinkin’ this is some kind of typically pervy post, hear me out yo.

So the other morning, I got out of the shower (still not pervy, I promise!) and felt something irritating my eye. So I scoped um out in my mirror and noticed a super lonnnng lash piercing the orbital.

Funny thing is this wasn’t the first time. In fact, my lash(es) tend to get in my eye more often than I care to count. I think I pretty much must have the weakest lashes in the history of all lashes.

So in honor of today’s topic, post your fave (or non fave) body parts in the comment area below. Feel free to list your own parts or from those of the opposite (or same?) sex. Also in honor of today’s topic, I’d like to present my skills to you in this captivating work of art. Go ahead. Take it all in. Bwahahahaha!

Fave Friday - Body Parts
Fave Friday – Body Parts

I’ll start:

From My Own Body…


  • still gots a full head of hair (*knock on wood*)
  • big hands & big feet (which basically only means that I can palm a basketball and wear adult-sized shoes! Ahahaha!)
  • in relatively good shape for a person approaching *cough* years old


  • weakest lashes ever invented
  • single persistent/annoying hair that tickles the inside of my left nostril from time to time
  • can’t grow a mustache or beard to save my life

From the Opposite Sex…


  • I wouldn’t have the faintest idea ’cause I don’t look anymore 8)
  • Besides I would’ve only looked at the heart and soul anyway! 8) 8) 8) Muhahahaha!


  • a ‘stache, espesh if it was fuller than mine! I’d be j!
  • wet armpits
  • being waaaaay too skinny or waaaaay too, um, jolly. 🙂

So wot? Got any to share? Feel free to include bodily functions like being too gassy or b.o…. You know, the good stuff. 😛

Have an awesome VHO7V Friday and weekend y’all!


Nose Hairs

August 12, 2008

Continuing with yesterday’s delightful conversation, let’s talk nose hair.

As we get older, we not only lose the hair on our heads, but father time slaps us in the face two times and puts it back in places you’d never guess or prefer. The ear, the nose, the neck, the back… I can almost hear Khia’s song My Neck, My Back queuing up.

Thankfully (again), I’m not a very hairy fella so I don’t think I’d have the neck/back problem. The ears haven’t started yet either (if they ever will), but the nose hairs, like the hills, are alive with the sound of music.

Perhaps it’s me just being overly paranoid of visible nose hairs (it’s one of the first things I notice on other peeps), but I take my nose hair grooming seriously. I don’t want them to show, plus da buggahs tend to itch the insides pretty good if they get too long.

Grooming for me consists of a periodic snipping with those little scissors and a once in a while weed whack-like mowing of the whole yard with those electric trimmer-type deals. I know the hairs are there for a reason (right?), but sometimes I just get the urge to chop-chop and not have to worry about it for a few weeks, yahurrdme?

Talk to me!
* Am I the only one out there with this fetish/peeve?
* What are some of your rituals/secrets?
* Ladies, do these things bother you (nose/ear/neck/back hairs)?