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Fun Day Monday: Free Transport from NAIA Airport

November 23, 2009

Happy Fun Day Monday y’all! This one was forwarded to me by my Filipino friend Glenn, so no get mad at me if you feel offended. Kay kuya.d and tita leerz? 😛 Meetcha at the bottom!

To my fellow Filipinos, Good news from GMA.

Starting January of 2010, Filipinos from all around the world will surely benefit from this one-of-a-kind service from the newly passed law by the government of the Philippines . The service is entitled Hatid Kabayan. Any Filipino who has lived in any part of the globe for more than six months is said to be entitled and will benefit from this service. As soon as he lands at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, go to a special booth that has been set up for this purpose and fill up some forms, and all he has to do is show his passport to confirm his  status abroad and everything is all set.
This also applies to all immigrants and non-immigrants.

Hatid Kabayan is a service where the Philippine Government has arranged a special ride for Filipinos from NAIA to any point in the Philippines or to any province. It will surely be a very memorable ride.

Hats off to GMA and the Philippine Government that in spite of this ongoing economic crisis, high fuel cost, perceived corruption, among others, they have managed to pay the returning Filipinos at least a respectable amount of gratitude and tribute for all their hard work abroad.

Specially-trained GMA employees will accommodate them and guarantee that they know every single route all across the Nation. So sit back and relax and let us be proud of what our Government can offer.

Below is the Hatid Kabayan on its Test Run. Mabuhay ang Plipinas!  Mabuhay si GMA!!!



Free Transport from NAIA Airport
Free Transport from NAIA Airport

Talk to me!
* Got any transportation horror stories to share?
* Good stories?

I have a few that include a taxi driver in San Antone with horrible B.O., a crazy, psycho shuttle van driver in Philly that almost got us into a beef (staring contest with other car sticking middle finger at us), and the mutes who don’t say a word to you. I guess that’s better than the motor mouths out there though. Hehe!

Have a great week guys!