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Newsday Tuesday: Studs with Duds

January 13, 2009

Over the weekend, there were two interesting tidbits that occurred. Actor Josh Duhamel (“All My Children,” “Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!,” “Transformers”) and singer Fergie (Stacy Ann Ferguson) tied the knot at the Church Estates in Malibu California, and New England Patriots’ poster boy quarterback Tom Brady got engaged to supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

Normally, I’m baffled by the questionable hookups/engagements/weddings of hot, celebrity females and their sub-average male choices (think Catherine Zeta-Jones & Michael Douglas, or Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony, or the old Pamela Anderson & Bret Michaels/Scott Baio/Kid Rock/Tommy Lee, or anyone with Howard Stern)…

… But the two unions over the weekend really had me scratchin’ my head. And no, I’m not implying that I think Duhamel and Brady are “hot” (c’mon now… guys don’t look at other guys *grin*), but didn’t you think they could do better?

OK, so I (kinda) get it. Fergie is “Fergalicious” and can sing like a mutha… And yes, Bundchen is a supermodel and looks a-ight in a bikini, but still… Their beaus are were the studs of Hollywood and could’ve had the pick of the litter in Tinseltown. They could’ve chosen practically anyone… right?

Talk to me…
* Am I the only one thinking this?
* What other celebrity “huhs!?” are there out there?
* Who would you match up with Duhamel and Brady?
* Ladies, do you think these boys are “hot”? Who’s also on your (that’s) hot list?
* Men, if you were a Hollywood hunk, who would you like to be linked to?

Happy Newsday Tuesday y’all! Holla!


Bye Bye Brady

September 9, 2008

As many of you probably already know, Tom Brady, the New England Patriots’ dreamy quarterback, is done for the year. In the first quarter of the first game of the year, he injured his knee (ACL/MCL) when Kansas City’s Bernard Pollard hit it from an odd angle as he was throwing. And don’t think I’m getting soft on you by using the word “dreamy.” Hehe. In addition to being a looker for the ladies out there (ladies, lemme hear ya…Heeeeey!), he’s also dreamy in the eyes of us manly men *grunt* because of the kind of fantasy numbers bruddah puts up.

In this year’s Fantasy draft, I was *THIS* close to picking him up in both leagues. Last seasons, he was a fantasy football manchild and to have a quarterback on your team of that caliber is, well, dreamy. Fortunately, Brian Westbrook fell to me in both drafts so I went for him instead. Thankfully so… So far, so good *knock on wood*

Talk to me!
* Fellas, post your favorite Tom Brady related Fantasy Football story, good or bad, OR…
* Fellas, post the injury to a player that affected you the most, fantasy or otherwise.
* Gals, do you think Tom Brady is a looker? Post your reasons below.
(see I don’t discriminate! ;P )
* Anyone out there ever have an ACL injury before? I’ve been lucky to escape that one all these years, but it sounds pretty wicked.

P.S. A moment of silence please for Reid-o and Alfredo Pasta who drafted Brady in the fantasy leagues I’m in. *evil grin* My team is soooo gonna get batchi now. 😛

Celtics vs. Lakers Returns!

June 5, 2008

Today at 3PM HST on KITV, the Boston Celtics will meet up with the Los Angeles Lakers for a record 11th time in NBA Finals History! Collectively, the two teams have participated in 47 of the 61 championship games! That’s 77% folks. Wowzahs!

Since the trade of Pau Gasol to L.A. and Kevin Garnett (and Ray Allen) to Boston, the old school cats like me had a little tickling in the tummy with the possibilities of this reminiscent matchup. But, never, in our wildest dreams, did we imagine that such a series could come to fruition.

And though Kobe vs. Allen/Pierce or Gasol vs. KG doesn’t quite have the same ring as Magic vs. Bird, you would hope that this series would at least live up to part of the legacy that these two teams have created.

Now I know many of us Hawaii peeps are hard core Laker fans, I’m gonna ostracize myself by going Boston on this one folks. Besides the fact that I can’t stand Kobe (no matter how talented I know he is), and even though I know Boston-area fans have been spoiled with the likes of the Patriots and Red Sox, I think Garnett, Pierce and Allen deserve their championship ring. They’re on their last legs and may be retiring soon. What do you think?

So in appreciation of this series, I downloaded KG and Kobe’s faces from the NBA’s “There Can Only Be One” micro-site, to create my own collage like the TV commercials you’ve been seeing. Enjoy!

Kobe vs. KG
Kobe vs. KG

The true dream matchup would actually be me against the real “best” player in the world: LeBron James! *grin*

LeBron vs. Ed
World Wide EdBron

Los Angeles Lakers at Boston Celtics – Game 1 from Banknorth Garden
3PM HST on Oceanic Time Warner Cable’s KITV (0006) or HD KITV (1006). Countdown starts at 2:30PM.