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Celebrities Who Could Use Plastic Surgery

January 22, 2010

So the latest gossip these days (or so I hear) is about Heidi Montag’s/Pratt’s plastic surgery craziness, where she apparently underwent 10 surgeries during the fall, completely changing her look. (You can Google it later at your leisure cause it’s probably in the “NSFW” category 😛 ).

On that note, the “Fave Friday” topic of the day is: Celebrities Who Could Use Plastic Surgery (or maybe even a list of those who shouldn’t have gotten plastic surgery? 8) ). I know there are tons of ’em out there, but the only one I can think of, off the top of my head, is: Barbra Streisand. I’ll leave the rest for you to list below. 8)

Others like DJ Qualls, Steve Buscemi, and former NBA star Sam Cassell qualify, but to me, they are quirky and endearing, and that “different” look is what makes them unique and stand out.

What I can’t stand is when a celebrity is obviously ugly, but yet arrogant and overconfident (i.e. Usher). I know, I know. I know nothing about him on a personal level and it’s shallow for me to come to a crass judgment based simply on what I see, but sorry Usher, you make the list. *grin*

  • Barbra Streisand
  • Usher

Wotchu tink?

Talk to me!
* What other celebrities/athletes would you like to see go under the knife.
* Am I the only one upset over NBC’s ridiculous buyout of Conan O’Brien? I am soooo boycotting Jay Leno now!
* Are you ready for some football? Who you rootin’ for this weekend? Jets, Colts, Vikings, or Saints? Wouldn’t a Colts/Saints Super Bowl be pretty nuts?
* What did you think of the NBA All-Star Voting results?
* Does anybody really care about Tiger Woods in the sex rehab clinic?
* Any A.I. (American Idol) chatter out dea?
* Gooooo Bows! Think they got a shot against #1 WAC ranked La Tech?

Shoots den! Have a great VH07V Friday and an even greater weekend. See you on da flip side! 🙂


Fave Five Friday – Television Shows

July 25, 2008

Mahaloz to skycastles for suggesting this one. For today’s Fave Five Friday list, let’s follow up last week’s Hawaii Television Stations list with Fave Five Television Shows. Hurr we go!

  1. The Office (seasonal on NBC: Oceanic Digital Channel 0008 or HD NBC 1008)
  2. The Ultimate Fighter (seasonal on SpikeTV: Oceanic Digital Channel 0559)
  3. Inside MMA (Fridays on HDNet: Oceanic HD Channel 1355)
  4. Sports Action Team (seasonal on HDNet: Oceanic HD Channel 1355)
  5. ESPN SportsCenter (nightly on ESPN: Oceanic Digital Channel 0222 or HD ESPN 1222)

Others include TapouT (seasonal – starting on July 30th! – on Versus: Oceanic Digital Channel 0210 or HGOLF 1216), Late Night with Conan O’Brien (M-F on NBC: Oceanic Digital Channel 0008 or HD NBC 1008), American Idol (seasonal on FOX: Oceanic Digital Channel 0003 or HD FOX 1003), Art Mann Presents (regularly on HDNet: Oceanic HD Channel 1355) and for brownie points, Wedding SOS (Fridays on Fine Living: Oceanic Digital Channel 0322). 😛

What say you?

P.S. Stay tuned for a special FREE Movie Pass Giveaway post tomorrow for the new movie Pineapple Express!