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Mario Kart Me!

August 3, 2008

You’ve seen ’em errwhere. From lil’ kids to full-blown adults. Staring mightily and intently into the little Nintendo DS screen.

Depending on your age and level of pop culture expertise, some of the questions you may’ve asked yourself were:

* “What is that… a cell phone?” (old as dirt)
* “What are they doing?”(slightly younger but still out of it)
* “Should I have one of those to?” (a little more downtown julie brown)
* “What Multiplayer Group are they in and I wonder if I can join in!?” (hip and in the know)

The game is Mario Kart and it’s the fastest growing sensation in Hawaii, well, at least in my experiences. Different groups of my friends do it. Random people I talk to do it. Readers of this blog do it! I’ve finally come to this realization when (as I mentioned in a previous post) a random guy in the movie theater yelled to the crowd to join his Mario Kart Multiplayer Group, and, you know what, people did! To illustrate just how amazing this is, quite a few things have to be in place for this to even come close to happening.

  1. They had to have brought their DS
  2. They had to have had the game Mario Kart
  3. They had to have had some level of knowledge of a) how to play the game and b) how to connect to another DS via Multiplayer mode

Simply amazing. Next time I go to the movie, I’m packing my DS just in case. 😛

New welcome screen means I play too much!
New welcome screen means I play too much!

Talk to me!
* Which character/kart combo do you like to use?
* Know any shortcuts?
* Know any secret codes/cheats?
* Care to share any other secrets to help me get better?
* What other games do you like to play on your DS?

Shoots! Have a happy Sunday yo!