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Hawaii Does It Again: Waipio Takes the Little League World Series!

August 25, 2008

Our boys from Waipio took the Little League World Series yesterday by beating Mexico in the decisive Championship Game. This was their second in 4 years, the last taken by Ewa Beach in 2005 (read my previous blog about it). What an exciting time it must be for these boys and their families. I remember how excited I was to take champs in our little Wai Kahala little league, but this is on such a grander scale. The entire state of Hawaii (and USA for that matter) is cheering you on. TVs everywhere, a stadium of that magnitude. Woah. Definitely something they can tell their grandkids one day…

Where were you when this historic moment occurred? How did you react? I had to go to a party, but before we left the house, we watched as much as we could. Then, I set my trusty DVR to capture the rest. Thankfully, I was able to rush home and catch the end of the game… I was soooo stoked!

Waipio Little League Team Picture
(Front l to r) Kainoa Fong, Matthew Yap, Keelen Obedoza, Khade Paris, Tanner Tokunaga, Ulumano Farm and Christian Donahue. (Back l to r) Coach Kiha Akau, Iolana Akau, Pikai Winchester, Jedd Andrade, Coach Gregg Tsugawa, Trevor Ling, Caleb Duhay, Jordan Ulep and Manager Timo Donahue.

Enjoy the moment! You deserve it, for you are the World Champs!