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Fun Day Monday: Husband of the Year Awards

May 4, 2009

After reading last week’s Why Men Don’t Live As Long As Women post, bruddah che sent over this rebuttal for us men to enjoy. And although it’s not exactly a rebuttal (still seems to be written by a woman for other women), if you look at it in just the right way, it could turn your “Oh No She Di-ent” to “Oh Yeahhhh!” Haha! Ladies and Fellas, please enjoy the following equally. 😉

Husband of the Year Awards

The honorable mention goes to:

The United Kingdom

Husband of the Year Awards

…followed closely by The United States of America

Husband of the Year Awards

and then …………… Poland

Husband of the Year Awards

but 3rd Place must go to ……… Greece

Husband of the Year Awards

it was very very close but the runner up prize was awarded to….

…………. Serbia

Husband of the Year Awards

but the winner of the husband/partner of the year …… is ……..


Ya gotta love the Irish.

Husband of the Year Awards

The Irish are true romantics. Look, he’s even holding her hand.

Woman has Man in it;
Mrs. has Mr. in it;
Female has Male in it;
She has He in it;
Madam has Adam in it;

Okay, Okay, it all makes sense now…. I never looked at it this way before:

Ever notice how all of women’s problems start with MEN?
MEN tal illness
MEN strual cramps
MEN tal breakdown
MEN opause
GUY necologist
When we have REAL trouble, it’s a
HIS terectomy ..

Send this to all the women you know to brighten their day.
Send this to all the men just to annoy them …….

Remember You Don’t Stop Laughing Because You Grow Old,
You Grow Old Because You Stop Laughing

Hope you enjoyed that one. Mahaloz again Bruddah che! Have a great week y’all!