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Fave Five Friday – Leis/Flowers

May 1, 2009

Happy May Day y’all! I promise I won’t say it. My willpower is strong. Will… not… say… it!

May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii!

Gaaaah! Sorry, I just couldn’t hold it in! 😛

Yes, today is Lei Day (in Hawaii… STOP IT!), and, as such, we will do an apropos Fave Five list. Now I’m no lei/flower expert, so my list will be pretty standard, a.k.a boy-like. Please excuse yeah?

Hopefully, the rest of y’all can provide a better list than this. 8)

  1. Maile Lei – manly, reminds me of special occasions.
  2. Pikake Lei – da buggah smells GOOD!
  3. Kukui Nut Lei – simple, easy, doesn’t mess up your clothes, manly. Nuff Sedd.
  4. Cherry Blossoms – for the amount of times I’ve been to Japan, I’ve (believe it or not) never witnessed cherry blossom IRL. I shall one day. Until that day, though… *sigh*
  5. Sunflowers or Gerberas – there’s just something about these thangs that puts a smile on people’s faces no?

Pretty blah eh? Sorry, I tried… Edumacate me please.

P.S. Happy VHO7V Friday y’all!

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*** Woah! R.I.P. Danny Gans.