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Hawaii Five-0: Ke Kinohi #H50

January 4, 2011

Gotta go sleep early tonight (last night), but here’s a quick wrap-up of tonight’s (last night’s) NEW episode of Hawaii Five-0: “Ke Kinohi” (The Beginning):

“When McGarrett’s sister is kidnapped and his father’s Champion box stolen from his apartment, Steve and Five-0 discover new clues in his mother’s murder, including possible ties to the Japanese Yakuza on the next episode of Hawaii Five-0.”

Talking points for us:

  • I wish my bed head (hair) looked like Alex O’Loughlin’s in the morning! Ahahaha!
  • Ninja say what!? Ninjas in Hawaii? Really? And samurai swords? Oh geez.
  • And I thought ninjas didn’t make noise. Those were some heavy footed ninjas! LOL!
  • Did I say ninja enough or wot?
  • Since when was Kaimuki along the water? And with Chinaman’s Hat in the background?
  • When they chased and stopped the car from the helicopter, they just started shooting based on a broken tail light. Thank goodness that was the right car!
  • Guess Steve McGarrett’s sister didn’t get the family genes. I keeeed! 8)
  • The Five-0’s CPU is sick! Love, love looovvvvve how you can just drop a device on the touch screen and extract files from there! Probably how computers in the future will be!
  • I didn’t know the Bosozoku (“baby yakuza”) has their meetings at Pipeline Cafe!
  • Funny line from Danno: “Walk up steps like a human.”
  • I think I could’ve kept it real and played one of the baby yakuza no? 8)
  • Is that stick figure code fo’ real?
  • Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (@CHTagawa) is one mean villain actor!
  • Nice to see the Governor drinking beer from the Five-0’s stash, all on company time! LOL!
  • Anyone else catch the baby yakuza’s car’s license plate: RU2 BE6? Call me a detective already! 😛 Think that stands for anything? “Are You Two Be Sex?” LOL!
  • Where is the Kaimuki Country Club???
  • Didn’t Koji look like a bigger version of the guy from Karate Kid II (Yuji Okumoto aka Chozen)!?
  • Wo Fat (Mark Dacascos) sighting (again)!
  • McGarrett needs to work on his shaka.
  • Mean twist killing off Koji!
  • Still waiting for my call to play an extra! 😛
  • Again… Alex O’Loughlin. Grace Park. Have at it! 😛


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Hawaii Five-0: Hana `A`a Makehewa #H50

December 14, 2010

First off, big mahaloz to Chicken Grease, effenprincess and NeedaHobby for filling in (on short notice) last week with their guest posts! Your boy had to go on one business trip for Road Runner Mobile one quick one, so they chipped in and helped to keep our `ohana entertained up in hurr! Big ups!

I had CHOKE errands to do at home last night so I was finally able to sit down and watch an episode of Hawaii Five-0 in real time. And what better way to “watch” it than to join in on the #H50 convos going on simultaneously in the Twitterverse right?

Last night’s episode was called “Hana `A`a Makehewa“, which translates to Desperate Measures. Here’s the show’s synopsis:

“It’s Christmas in Hawaii, but instead of celebrating, Five-0 is negotiating a hostage situation when Victor Hesse, the man who killed McGarrett’s father, threatens to detonate an explosive that he’s strapped to Chin Ho’s chest.”

So wot? What’d you guys think?

Some possible talking points for us:

  • How sad was Danno’s Christmas tree? Hehe!
  • “Your house, your king’s English.” LOL!
  • Ikalani = Ihilani?
  • Chin Ho’s use of rice to pull the moisture off the SIM card. Gooooo @ricefest, er rice! 8)
  • Was that local MMA Fighter Harris Sarmiento in the chicken fight scene? First Niko Vitale and now him. Casting directors must be MMA fans! Sweet!
  • Danno’s hilarious quote, “Next time, shoot him in the face!”
  • Danno calling Sang Min (Will Yun Lee) the “Asian John Travolta”. LOL!
  • Since when was Bar 35 a private hostess bar in Nu`uanu?
  • Was that an Android app that they used to track Sang’s ankle tracker? DROID! 😛
  • Do coppers really have 28.5 mill just lying around like that in a secret asset forfeiture locker? If so, can somebody make me a copy of that blueprint please? 8)
  • I’ve swear we’ve all had a run in with a niele ol’ lady like that no!?
  • Wasn’t it just off hearing Chin Ho tell Kono “aloha” in that context? Didn’t care for that usage very much…
  • I almost cried seeing da $10 mill go bye bye in the fire. LOL!
  • Loved Na Leo reppin’ it with their Christmas song Kana Kaloka (Here Comes Santa Claus)!
  • How about another former local boy sighting with Mark Dacascos as the evil villain Wo Fat?
  • Alex O’Loughlin. Grace Park. That is all. 😛

In other news…

  • Finally catching up with my show The Sing-Off and watched back the first episode of this new season off my DVR. Woah! Committed’s rendition of Maroon 5’s “This Love” was off the chain!
  • Cliff Lee is heading back to my Phills son! Awwww yeah!
  • Any other Fantasy Football teams out there hurt this week by the Aaron Rodgers concussion dammit!?
  • Top Chef. That is all.


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