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Why ‘Bows Whyyyyy?

February 23, 2009

It has definitely been a trying year for us Rainbow Men’s Basketball fans this season. The team has shown flashes of brilliance and then lets us down with un-awe inspiring heart break. We’ve hit the lowest of lows and the highest of highs (ok, not really that high). Saturday night’s 76-70 loss against non-conference UC Irvine – who was 9-17 coming into the game – was no different.

After what looked to be another disappointing loss, trailing by 20 points, the ‘Bows made a charge in the second half and made things interesting, bringing it back to within 1 with less that 2 minutes remaining. Late in the game, Lasha Parghalava did the improbable and made a critical turnover… AGAIN, and, the Anteaters were able to preserve their lead, going on to win by 6, 76-70. *sigh*

Some bright spots were Kareem Nitoto’s clutch shooting, and Bill Amis’ and Roderick Flemings’ never say die attitudes towards the end of the game.

Roderick Flemings clutch at the line down the stretch
Roderick Flemings clutch at the line down the stretch

My ideal starting 5:

C – Bill Amis – solid, good defense and rebounding, and can score.
PF – Brandon Adams – big body, hustles.
SF – Adhar Mayen – quick, underestimated shooter. I want to see him get more playing time. He deserves it.
SG – Roderick Flemings – no words necessary. He NEEDS to start. Aside from his offensive skills, he’s probably the team’s best/most aggressive rebounder right now.
PG – Kareem Nitoto – Was very anti-Nitoto last year, but this year, I’m a born again Nitoto fan. He has really developed his game and doesn’t make very many mistakes anymore. Quick, good defense, good ball control and is starting to shoot the lights out!

Some of the others:

PF – Petras Balocka – when Adams needs a break, Balocka would be a decent replacement. His defense is suspect, and his attitude needs to be checked at the door, but he’s a big body who can rebound and score inside.
C – Paul Campbell – I love his hustle and passion for the game, but he needs to work on cutting down his mental mistakes. He’s good for replacement minutes at the 5 as he’s a rebounding and blocking beast.
PG – Leroy Lutu – I’m becoming a fan of this guy. Very confident, smooth, and doesn’t make very many mistakes. Doesn’t act/play like a reserve player. Seems very comfortable out there. Would like to see what kind of offense he can produce.
PG – Hiram Thompson – Prior to the season, I was most excited about the prospect of this guy (other than Flemings). He’s been making too many turnovers, trying to make fancy passes, that I’ve unfortunately soured on him this season.
SG – Lasha Parghalava – Probably one of their better three point threats, but his play in crunch time is one I’d rather not see/experience anymore. I’d play him early and not late.

Somewhat interested to see what Adam Jespersen, Conrad Fitzgerald (former team slam dunk champ) and Hawaii’s own Beau Albrechtson (Kaimuki H.S.) would/could do with increased minutes.

Talk to me!
* What do you think of my starting 5?
* Disagree? Who’s yours?
* What about my player notes? Right on or off base?
* What would you like to see happen next year?

P.S. For those who went to the game, did you enjoy the Oceanic bag giveaway? 8)

Have a good week y’all!